Monday, August 2, 2010


Did Georgia O'Keeffe paint them? If not ,why not?

They begin to unfurl at dusk. In the dark they're large, luminescent and fragrant.

In the morning they're folded back up like a fan. You think you might have dreamed them.

They then do it again, and again, till the first frost.

We planted them up the chain link fence. When life gives you lemons,eh?


  1. They ARE gorgeous, aren't they? I have them overtaking several beds in my garden!


  2. Many years ago we had a purple vine not dissimilar to this (have no idea what it was)When the flower came out at night you could not go into the back garden as the perfume was so strong! Beautiful but it was almost difficult to breathe so we used to turn on the outside light and admire from behind the glass!

  3. Gorgeous - so pure in their whiteness! x

  4. hi jane,

    chainlink never had it so good. gorgeous.


  5. Love those. Like to plant them with blue morning glories for flowers 24-7.

  6. Gorgeous. Is that an optical illusion, or are they really palm-sized???

  7. I have a very naked chain link fence that may have found its calling. They are gorgeous!

  8. You've all made me very happy. it is a fabulous flower isn't it?

    And yes, it is palm sized.

    Now I wonder what Julienne's purple flowered vine was?