Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Getting Better All The Time

Big thanks from the Lab and GG ( or German girl) for all the welcome homes and get well soons.

Everyone here is getting better, one day at a time. It's hard on the heart to have to hold down a dog while she is being swabbed with a disinfectant and then sprayed with a solution containing alcohol.

Ouchy. But as soon as the torture is over, even before the peanut butter coated pills are offered, her tail is wagging and we're instantly forgiven. I wish I had such a forgiving heart.

But cone or no cone ( the pup), cold or no cold ( both GG and the pup) the house is full of flowers, we had a dinner party last night with a delicious garden tomato salad, the power is on and I'm off to finish reading Excellent Women written by Barbara Pym and suggested by Chez Danise.

It's the little things, like the comments and the suggestions and the recipes and the pictures that make me jump out of bed in the morning excited to start a new day. Well those and an iced skim latte of course.

Thank you again.
xo jane


  1. aahhhh...look at that little sweetie pie...

    happy to hear you're on the mend

    love your flowers....and i keep forgetting how hot it is back east..i have been wearing my flannel snowman p.j.'s at night..and i am in california...what's going on????

    and YES ! as soon as it cools down..make the bread !!!

    sending love to you all ...
    kary and teddy

  2. Barbara Pym! I haven't thought of her for so long. Some Tame Gazelle...Quartet in Autumn...

    I haven't read this one.

    Beautiful tomatoes.

  3. I'm glad your sweet girl is on the mend. I wouldn't know what to do without my Ben. Love, love, love that dog!


  4. hi jane,

    you must show more of your house. i can see tiny glimpses and want to see more. please.

    also, btw i want your life.


  5. Oh, goodness. I am sorry about the lack of power and the pup and the colds..! Glad to hear everyone is on the mend, though.


  6. Kary, Flannel PJ's, I can barely bear to wear a teetiny pair of boxers and a tshirt to bed. But then you had sunflowers, when, March?

    Marie, The tomatoes looked like such a painting i was almost sorry to eat them, but not that sorry.

    Just finished book, loved it, will read more of her. Back to the library.

    Sue, Thank you, we are too. And i know just how you feel.

    Janet, You only see tiny glimpses cause it is tiny! But i will show more just for you.

    Maria, so nice to see you out and about. Hope you're enjoying your HOT summer.

  7. The heart of an animal is truly amazing. So happy to read that your furry baby is on the mend. You are so right, everything is looking better! xx

  8. What is it about dogs that they understand when you are trying to help them? Young as pup is, she knows.

    Toms look great - seems like your garden isn't as bad as you say.

  9. You are reading Excellent Women! Fun! Enjoy those luscious tomatoes.

  10. Bonjour Jane,
    I'm sorry to hear about the pup but glad she is on the mend now. And you? Hope all is going well for you. I'm positive all your beautiful flowers are helping all to mend!
    Pardon me for getting so behind in visits, I promise to get back on schedule§
    Take care my friend,

  11. I've bought that book too, on Denise's recommendation. She should be in book retail!

  12. I am so behind I will never catch up! Just went to your last post to read the news. Poor you and pup, hope all is well very soon. Have you read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson yet? If not another good one.

  13. The photo of the pup is killing me -- poor baby!!! Glad to hear she's on the mend and all the German girls are home safe and sound.

  14. Hi Jane! I am in love with that little glimpse of your library-esque bookshelves. . . I say here, here to Janet's demand for more house pictures.

    Glad to see your friend is on the mend! She looks appropriately demure in her cone of shame, but if the tail is wagging she must not be too traumatized. You are lucky to have such a loving, adorable, and resilient dog!

  15. the farmhouse is small but we still have room for you....


    kary and teddy

  16. Hi Jane,

    I am glad you and the dogs are feeling better! Your bouquet looks lovely! All those colours. Did it come from your garden? Never seen yellow tomatoes, but they must look great in a salad.

    Happy weekend!

    Take care, lieve groet,


  17. Everything is absolutely looking up :)

  18. Pleased to hear your dear pup getting better and GG cold is too... Your flowers look so lovely and natural..... Hope all continues to look up! x

  19. (sniff sniff) she looks so sad. maybe the worst is over?? i think there's some bacon just around the corner for the pup. and maybe some brownies for GG ;)

    55 and a wake-up.

    love and hugs from Afghanistan...