Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fantasy Vs Reality

In my dream world I float around in an always clean house, delicious smells emanating from the kitchen, big garden bouquets filling every room with scent and color while sleeping dogs slumber peacefully amidst artfully arranged treasures and a sweet tempered cat grooms herself on a pillow tossed sofa.

In reality, I stumble home from a day of work (that began with a trip to the gym at 6:45am, ahem) with a handful of broken and bruised flowers that ,if they're lucky, get throw into a mason jar before they start to wilt. I put on a pot of water to cook pasta for ??? a salad maybe? The Lab is indeed sleeping, but she has poison ivy from a walk in the wilds so there is a lot of scratching/licking/gnawing going on. All the while there is a half starved looking feline glaring at the two of us through the screen door and whenever I open it up she runs away.

Oh, and as you can see from the sunflower picture, my favorite chair is a cracked and ripped old leather club chair that we have actually patched to hold together. Try sewing into leather, sounds easy. Not.

That's my life and I wouldn't change a thing. Well I'd fatten up the cat and make the dog's poison ivy go away, but otherwise? No contest.

ps - here's a shot of the delinquent kitten:


  1. Yes, I dream of the same always clean house, but's those quirky imperfections that give us and our lives character.

  2. hi jane,

    life is beautiful. and so is that chair.


  3. You are lovely. I bet you make it all look effortless. xo

  4. Love the cat!! And the chair, which invites you to flop down and snooze...

  5. Only Cinderella lives is that fantasy world. All of us flesh and blood types live like you do - with or without the very nice cat!

  6. I can't believe P sat still long enough for a photo! Makes me giggle cause it kinda looks like a mug shot.

  7. Denise, I know but a girl can dream...

    Janet, Thank you. It belonged to my best friend who died about 12 years ago. it is beautiful to me.

    Coriander girl, i try!

    Maggie, Cat hisses you a hello and claws the chair some more.

    Webb, Think of all the work Cinderella had to do. She's more like us than most fairy tale creatures. No?

    Katie, Ha! That's just what Nele said when she was taking the pics. And that's what i wanted to title it, mug shot. Crazy Pokerson.

  8. Fantasy life sounds amazing but you know, it would be boring all the time!! Yours looks comfy and 'happy'! xx

  9. The kitten photo looks like a little kitty mug shot! hee hee

  10. Love Pokey's mug shot. Truly captures her 'joie de vivre'. Tink.

  11. It looks like the grainy picture from a gas station security camera :)
    And I love the chair!

  12. You crack me up! I love visiting your blog. Btw - I love the distressed leather chair.

  13. You know, I was just talking to a friend who has six dogs - we were discussing how brand, shiny new wood floors could easily be turned into lovely lived-in ones if we just rented out her pack of dogs. We thought maybe we could call them "rusticators." I think your delinquent kitty could join them. ;)