Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Birds And The Berries

While I was working and weeding and cooking and sleeping, treasures were slowly making their way to me.

I had something in my attic another blogger friend would love. So I sent it to her. In return she sent me a little vintage pillow decorated with quilted birds on branches, a red hawk feather and a sweet stack of note cards printed with various nests and birds. I love them all.

In a fit of sentimentality I ordered a red currant bush from Edible Landscaping. Though we have no room for this 3 gallon plant, my childhood memories of driving out into the Michigan countryside to purchase currants from an old European woman on hot summer afternoons won out over space considerations.

Now as I type German girl is reading their catalog and planning how we can redo our garden to accommodate a variety of edible plants to include mango paw paws and lingonberries.

Luckily we have haircuts at noon and Germany playing in the World Cup at 2:30 for distraction from this line of thinking. I'm off to hide the catalog and put on some black.

Whatever your country or affiliation may you hear the magic word " goal"!


  1. Heheheh.

    What about black cuurants, too? Go ooooooon, you can do it.

    Permanent black here, backing South Africa.

  2. Glad you made room for the currants. I have fond memories of my birthday (July) dessert: raspberries and currants mixed, with a little sugar. Deelish! Forget the icecream.

  3. Gorgeous feather - how lovely and the antique pillow sounds so sweet too... Yes, I love red currants especially in the summer. And LOVE your shrimp feast from the previous post - what a great evening ! x p.s. and the fact that you just rolled up the newspaper cloth at the end of the evening!!

  4. hi jane,

    you are so, so sweet. seeing my red-tailed hawk feather all the way across the country just makes me smile. today we got the beadboard up, tomorrow paint and maybe even start hanging the wallpaper. it is going to be gorgeous all because of you. thank you so much from the bottom of my no-shopping heart!


  5. How about blueberries? I have a gallon ready to pot as soon as I can mix up enough soil to fill the [large!] container. I'm looking forward to fighting the birds for them next year.

  6. Marie, Stop encouraging her, or me for that matter. But maybe... And of course you're rooting for South Africa! We would epect no less.

    Anneke, Yum. Maybe next year or 2 I'll be eating them and celebrating your birthday in absentia!

    Semi Expat, Guess I'm not the only currant lover out there, maybe just in Virginia!
    It must sound so funny to cover your table with newspaper and then throw it all away. But , it's a summer staple in our area.

    Janet, I'll say it again, you two are working savages!

    At least you didn't have to weed today, got to work inside. Thank you for the gifts of loveliness. They fin in perfectly here.

    Webb, Not you too! You're as bad as Marie encouraging us to plant more plants. We have 2 blueberries, 1 never fruits and the other has a handful this year. Maybe wrong plants for our area?

  7. Seems there is no escaping the dreaded football....

  8. i might love a red currant bush or whatever is is.

    thank you for popping in.
    i knew that you would GET my feelings.
    thanks for the hug.
    it did help.

  9. I was happy when there were no goals at all when France played Uruguay on Friday (I'm still made about that whole Thierry Henry thing). But was freaking out when the US scored against England. WOOP WOOP!!!

  10. Oh my golly how good would my plant stall have been with you there!
    Now that would have been really something!

    Sarah x

  11. Packages in the mail--fun! I hope you find a way to keep your currant bush.

  12. Thanks for the b'day wishes to Daddy Lane! You're the best,

    Sarah x