Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That Was Then

Earlier this month as the madness that is May was just beginning, I was "tagged" by Sarah of Semi Expat ( a woman who leads a far more interesting life than I) to show my sixth post. When I posted this on September 13,2009 I had no idea that anyone would read it other than my partner and myself. Since that day, I have gotten a much better camera, learned to crop, learned to capitalize and found a community of like minded souls whose day to day adventures I follow avidly. So here it is:

i've just spent 2 hours weeding and cleaning up the vegetable beds. in the 2009 battle of food v.s. weeds, weeds won hands down. so did the new contender: blight! blight took on the tomatoes, the squash, the eggplant, and handily won the battle. the weary warriors are in the trash. left standing are a few bedraggled pepper plants, the basil, and the ever growing raspberry, now in fall flower and fruit. then, i wrestled with my nemesis, the chain link fence. our side, covered in autumn blooming clematis, carolina jasmine, a variety of red honeysuckle, gourds, pesky morning glories. their side covered in bindweed, porcelain berry, and various weeds that get caught up in the web. oh, what a tangled web we weave when our neighbors don't weed.

(This post does strike terror in my very soul, wondering what horrors the garden has in store for us this summer.)

I will only tag a few, and please only do this only if you feel like tripping down memory lane.

Denise of Little Pheasant
Se'Lah of Necessary Room

Denise of Chez Denise
Nicole Of Cole And Josephine

Aron of hitherandthither


  1. Thanks for giving me an excuse to do a lazy post! :)


    Happy mother's day to you, too!

  2. Our first days of blogging are funny aren't they? Before we found our rhythm and style. Only yesterday out of boredom I read my first few posts, All I can say is hmph.

  3. Nicole, Thanks for playing. I love seeing the early days.

    Sara Louise, I read about all of yours when we first "met" and I loved all of them. Still we do get more natural, don't we. Lord knows you learned to italicize!

  4. Wow - you are almost at 1 year. exciting game here.