Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rocking and Rolling

I have risen, like Lazarus, from my bed. 10 hours of sleep v.s. 22 hours of work.

Friday I started work at 8am, we staggered out into a beautiful night at 10pm. Right before I left work I grabbed a quick computer moment. Read a few new comments on my last post, felt reconnected to a bigger world than the flowers shop. Thank you.

Saturday was a blur. Phones, flowers,pollen everywhere,people coughing and talking and laughing. Pizzas and salad for lunch, I switched my afternoon coffee size to a Venti. A Venti is a lotta coffee.

We were home by 7:00pm. Today is a day of rest for us. You can take your Mother or wife to brunch or lunch. Your florists will be resting.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. Happy napping, reading, gardening and eating to the hard working florists out there.

And apologies to my workmates for snapping a few blurry pictures of them hard at work. We had 6 designers, 3 delivery men, and 4 women working the front of the store. For those 4 who took care of the husbands, the children, the phones and the screaming ( was that me?) a huge round of applause and a big thank you from the design table.


  1. and what a lovely day to rest! enjoy the springtime breezes!

  2. hmd darlin, hmd. good to see everything is still beautiful in your world...

  3. What a lot of beautiful work! Take a breath and enjoy a few hours of you-time. Wedding season is just starting!

  4. wow what a marathon effort. Rest well deserved! There were 3 of us working knee-deep in a teeny tiny shop. It was a hectic but fun first experience of Mother's Day in a florist's world for me!

  5. Thanks Katie, It was and i did!

    Tony, Thank you. Who knew you ever read the blog? You know how hard I work to make it all beautiful! Have you seen any of the garden pics?

    Webb, I am breathing deeply. At least I was till you reminded me about weddings!

    Sepal and Twig, Don't you love being part of a team? When a holiday is over I'm as close to my work mates as I have ever been to any partner. If you like hectic, you'll love the flower business.

  6. Hope you relaxed yesterday....I lunched courtesy of our daughter, read and..... finished!!!!! I can't believe I can be so mean!!!!
    Yes it is good, different to the other two and I am going to miss Selander.
    I think he must have had more stories in mind though and I wish they had been written. Enjoy and let me know, when you have read it, what you think.

  7. All that sleep sounds like it was very well deserved. Hope it came with some sweet dreams :-)

  8. Oh my goodness - fantastic! And those peonies are to die for... Congratulations - I am sure you made a lot of mothers extremely happy with your lovely flowers. x

  9. you have a fridge in your shop, is that where you keep lunch?

    i like it

  10. i love, and i mean love all those peonies.