Thursday, May 6, 2010


Cinco de mayo began early for me. I was picked up at 7:15 and after a Starbucks stop, we drove and drove to a nursery to collect plants for Mother's day. We waded around in the mud retrieving hanging baskets far over our heads with a long hooked pole. We collected sedum gardens, pots of gardenias and lavender. Loaded up the two vans and were off to a day of ringing phones, lines of customers and flower arrangements.

Cinco de Mayo ended late, for we cooked a dinner to celebrate our roomate , He Man's ,birthday. We grilled ribs and chicken wings, made DanDan noodles, a big bowl of salad. At some point a paddy wagon appeared to attempt to collect the runaway pit bull Baby. Baby evaded his captors running up and down the street with two county Animal Control people and about 6 small children in hot pursuit.

We ate under the stars and finished with chocolate cake and raspberries and a dog walk. Baby was nowhere in sight.


  1. Hope Baby is now home! If you send me a slice of that amazing chocolate cake I promise I will send book 3 for you to read overnight!!!!!! Is May 22 your release date? Have to go back to my book NOW!
    Ohhhh isn't that awful I didn't know I had it in me to be so mean!!! SORRY.

  2. What a great day! Don't quite know which looks more inviting - the cake or rows and rows of plants just waiting to be chosen and taken home. Saw some wonderful begonias in a walk-side pot yesterday, and may go on a quest for some this afternoon!

  3. That cake looks absolutely delicious and capable of putting an end to any pms cravings I may or may not be having at the moment. Either way want that cake!!

  4. Julienne, Soooo mean. Is it as good? Do we find out about her mysterious twin sister?

    Webb, It was a great day. I woke up this morning in a glorious mood.

    Sara Louise, I'm thinking you would have loved the whole dinner. But, yes that cake was fantastic. And there is some left ladies...

  5. hi flwrjane,

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. so nice to meet you. by viewing your profile page it seems we have a lot in common. i love that you read blogs that i've never heard of, always looking for new great ones. it sounds like blogging is a bit addictive for you? me too.


  6. I'm not telling you a thing.... and thank you for the lovely comment on my say a little prayer post!

  7. The Best of British to you for Mother's Day.

    As ours was back in March, I have despatched The Hound to give you a hand.

    He works for cake.

  8. The end of your day in particular sounds wonderful - eating and then walking under the stars sounds like pure perfection. But my, you've been doing some seriously crazy running around, too, dear..! I hope the weekend is mellower and that you get to relax a little... (I guess Mother's Day will have to pass before you can do that, huh?)


    ps: I hope Baby made it back home.

  9. Wow - wonderful plants and wonderful cake too - another very busy day though in your life! And you make me smile - Baby in hot pursuit by would be captors! x

  10. Hola Flwrjane, are you practicing a little bit of spanish?? you do it very well!!! So nice to visit you since a long time, have browsed through your blog and see your garden is blooming so beautifully, how great everything looks... ah bendita primavera!!
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  11. Just finished book two!!!! Now I know why you want book three sent immediately!! Started tonight can't put it down. I will probably spend Mothers Day reading non stop. Promise I will not tell you anything but you had better be standing in line when it is released!!! Have a wonderful weekend hugs Julienne

  12. All the pictures with raspberries are making me drool! Raspberries are my favorite food (after corn on the cob).