Thursday, May 13, 2010


Some days happiness is as simple as leaving work early and getting a HOT pink pedicure (and your eyebrows done).

And then to come home on a cloudy day and take a walk in my neighbor's garden among these seriously orange poppies and these "hotter than pedicure pink" peonies. Sweet.

On Sunday we had a yard full of neighborhood children. They did somersaults down our "hill" and shouted that our backyard was awesome. One wondered if we were rich because we had so many flowers and trees. When your playing fields are an alley or the streets, I guess our back yard is an oasis.

So I am feeling pretty rich today. The first of the alpine strawberries has set fruit, same with the peach tree. The raspberries aren't far behind and I'm already picking herbs. And to hear "I'm Not Your Boy Toy" sung by 7 and 8 year olds? Priceless.


  1. hey you...was fun seeing this today...

    teddy the lamb of love and i are doing great and so IN LOVE...OMG!

    sending puppy love

    kary and teddy

  2. Hola Flwrjane, I have just realized that your name means flower Jane, how cute of you!!!!
    So pretty post, love those peonies, orange poppy and strawberry, lovely!!! You are in springtime... I miss it!!
    Maria Cecilia

  3. Fun! It's about time for me to head to the salon for a pedicure too.

  4. My Farmhouse Kitchen, I feel that love and saw the pictures. So happy for you. Nika says he's so cute she could eat him up! Crazy lab,but he was smiling when she said it. She loves puppies. xoxo

    Hola Maria Cecilia, So beautiful your posts. I love your house and of course your garden. Saving money to come visit! Besos.

    Denise, It was a mini vacation. Who knew something so simple could bring so much pleasure. I need a real vacation I think.

  5. How wonderful - Poppies, Peonies and Strawberries.... and such lovely colours too. So GLAD you had a fab. day topped off with your pedicure and eyebrows done - perfection. x

  6. I love everything about this post! It definitely has left me with that feel good feeling... the hot pink pedicure, beautiful flowers, and happy children that got to have fun in your gorgeous garden. Happy Friday indeed :-)

  7. Afternoon slump here, and that bright orange poppy actually made me do a cartoon double take.

    Thanks for the wake-up call.

    Strawberries already? i have worked out you are about 3-4weeks ahead of my garden.

    bon weekend my darling

  8. Hi Jane,

    Your day sounds very happy!! Love the flowers from your neighbours garden. I have some peonies (Sarah Bernardt) and Poppies (Patty's plum) in my garden as well. At the moment everything is still green, but hopefully I will get some flowers in june!

    wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. Peonies are my most favourite flower of all time. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. one love.

  10. hi flwrjane,

    you ARE rich! rich in LOVE.


    ps - i see maria cecilia and semi expat are readers, i love them!

  11. Love the strawberry ...

    About to paint my toes :-)

  12. you are adorable... love this post... xx

  13. amazing day, amazing post (alpine strawberries!!!) what could be better than all this?

  14. I love it all. I can hear them singing and see them doing somersaults in your beautiful backyard... I love that you feel rich - because it sounds like you are, at the very least where it matters most.

    Beautiful post.