Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Would You Like Your Boutonniere Cooked?

After a wacky work day yesterday I wanted just two things: food and peace and quiet. Okay, that's three, but you know what I mean. Customers were arriving to pick up arrangements that weren't done yet because they were in the Saturday box. Young boys in tuxedos were picking up prom corsages but sorry , could you redo that bow to match my tie? Or, sorry, I know my mother ordered a berry boutonniere , but may I have a white rose instead?

Confusion makes me hungry. After a quick stop at Whole Foods, we grilled. Well, German girl grilled and I took a bath. Then I lightly poached some asparagus and coated it with olive oil, salt and pepper. It hit the grill along with a skirt steak and then a couple of pieces of bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic. When the asparagus was done I sprinkled it with my favorite French goat feta. A simple salad of greens with a vinaigrette and contentment reigned.

The dogs got a few bites of beef and then we all took a long walk and went to bed. No nightmares. No regrets. Another prom today, must eat good breakfast.


  1. That looks delish!! Oh how I remember my prom corsage - so eighties :)

  2. mmmmm. hope you are able to enjoy more peace and quiet together this weekend.

  3. I do hope you get to enjoy some peace and quiet, dear. I do love that no matter how hectic your day is, you make time for good food, good company and a long walk with the dogs. You are a wise woman.


  4. This is what I want for dinner when I come to visit :)

    Good luck promming! Does it make you miss high school at all? You couldn't pay me to go back!

  5. Perfection on a plate - that looks delicious and I expect just what the doctor ordered after the day you had....x

  6. That asparagus looks like heaven. HEAVEN!