Sunday, May 23, 2010


Green, rainy morning. German girl and the lab still sleeping. Only myself, the cat and a fly are up. The fly appears to have moved in.

I'm in a Sunday morning frame of mind. I'm dividing my time between the New York Times, blog reading, heavy coffee consumption and wandering around the wet garden taking an occasional picture and pulling a weed or two. Echinacea already? Grapes pre squirrels. Someone's nest. Hope you're not homeless.

It's so quiet.

It never looks this good when I water with a hose. It takes the heavens to do the job right.


  1. I love the garden after it rains. It's magical and seems like a new place. Boy, your grapes are so far ahead of ours. we are just getting leaves.

  2. White echinacea? It's lovely. We had a great rain last night and this morning everything looked so happy....even me!

  3. very lovely images. I feel cool and clean

  4. Fabulous green photos - love them and the nest - so sweet - adore nests so much. Have a great week flwrjane. x

  5. Missing Goat, But how are those 300 raspberry plants doing?

    Marie, Don't be jealous, we're growing them for the birds.

    Janet, Thank you :)

    Webb, it's white swan echinacea. My favorite.

    Denise, Thanks you. I should take more pictures today so we can look at them again in July or August!

    Semi Expat, Thank you dancing queen. Enjoy your week also.

  6. Love this post!

  7. that's a great nest. looks like it's vacant. will you keep? don't you think everything looks better after good straight rain? everything except my curly hair...but still. i'm enjoying read your back post about all of the wonderful things you are growing! thank you!

  8. i forgot to tell you that this weekend i checked out the art of french gardening at my library and i'm in love with it. i love the recipes in the back, right up my alley. my first thought was, i gotta get this book then remembered that i'll have to wait a year! dang.


  9. i am thinking that i want to paint the 1st image in this post.

    i love it.

    xxx your friend