Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Early Morning With Pokie

If you travel to D.C. this spring or summer to visit the monuments and museums, and you're in Arlington to go to the pentagon memorial garden or the air force memorial , you might take a wrong turn down a one way street. If it's early in the morning and you see a disheveled blonde in pajama bottoms and a t shirt strolling through a garden with her one eyed faithful cat, you have found me.

And if you know how to keep the squirrels from eating all our peaches this summer, please stop and tell me.


  1. Oh so cute your lovely cat.. and the garden too...x

  2. Wish I could take that wrong turn but probably just a wee bit too far!
    I, would be happy to share with the squirrels but I don't think even they would eat our peaches! They are so full of fruit fly! Perhaps I could send them over to you, then all you have to worry about is getting all the fruit off, into black plastic bags, leave in the sun for three days then dump! Hope they leave you some!
    I sound a bit whiny there sorry. Just finishing a book I will tell you about when I have. Night.

  3. hi flwrgirl,

    oh i wish i were in dc & turning down the wrong street and finding you and your garden. we could sit and have some tea and discuss your gorgeous garden and silly squirrels. that would be fun!

    have a great day.


  4. Peaches?

    Holy macaroni!

    I don't have a peach tree


  5. Semi Expat, thank you but we all know who has the cute garden! ( read her latest post)

    Julienne, Wow I feel better about my peaches! Hope you slept well and are finishing up that book.

    Gardeners Cottage, Wish you would take a wrong turn too! So glad you're loving the book. Thank God for the library. How is Chez Panisse Vegetables?

    Gwen, Hey, hello. No, it's garlic. Now i want lemongrass.

    Miss P.,Did they have peach trees at Chelsea?
    Apparently i can't get over the fact you go to go before it opened!

  6. I may look for that wrong turn the next time I am wondering DC. Wonderful garden.

  7. Perhaps your one eyed faithful cat will take up squirrel chasing : )

  8. your post is just simply PEACHES! Love it! Going to wander around my bijou plot now..Happy Days! x

  9. Net bags around the peaches? Or bottles, like for Williams pears :-)

  10. I left you a little something over at my blog. Thanks and enjoy!

  11. Put a fresh pot of coffee on, I'm coming!

  12. Get ole Pokie back in his favorite attic and I'll be by!!!

  13. All I'm saying is how come Balu gets yelled at for striking the same pose and Pokey doesn't?