Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Trails

Saturday morning pre work. It's 6:30am and there is a new presence in my private time. Our roommate's brother "Styles" is here for the weekend. Why does everyone have a call name? Am I in the marines?

Anyhoo, Styles seems to require even less sleep than I do and as I browse blogs and sip espresso, he's out in our garden mulching. I'll be out there shortly, stumbling through the wet grass taking pictures for this post. We've had two nights of rain and the"grounds" looks green and fertile. The grass needs a mowing and is ankle high in clover. Our visitor wanted to mow as soon as he got here last night. He doesn't read Horticulture magazine so is advising weed killer. I'm a weeder not a killer, no pesticides here.

Big garden news for us is this hydrangea. It hasn't bloomed in 5 years, it was due for rezoning. Apparently it got the memo. It's loaded with pink and purple blossoms. The raspberries are ripe for the eating and our basket of strawberries is going strong.

Sunday is a day for slow roasting pork and baking beans. Monday we're off to visit our garden mentors at their farm. Happy holiday weekend to all. May all your skies be blue , your food delicious and your conversations witty.


  1. Our skies are grey, our food delicious our conversation joyful we have winter rains! Apart from the plague of locusts predicted for next spring there is more joy in the air here over the grey skies than we have seen or heard in the last ten years. May your Summer be just as joyful!

  2. How lovely that your hydrangea got the message!! Agree - am not keen on weedkillers either... hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. x

  3. Happy holiday weekend, dear. I'm glad the hydrangea decided to cooperate. ;)


  4. That raspberry looks wonderful!

  5. What a lovely, productive garden you have. No sign of raspberries here, though strawberries are available. I prefer to wait until later in the season, I think they have better flavour. I should perhaps mention that 'here' is in Norfolk, England... I am Maggie, I am in charge of which is a relatively new blog, begun when problems with my server meant I could no longer access my old blog. I found you after being given 'bling'! And loved the brevity of your post, the lovely photos, and just something about it was appealing... small but perfectly formed! Best wishes from a country housewife in England.

  6. I think the hydrangeas must have loved your (our) wet winter. I have blossom heads galore on plants that have previously produced a handful, and on plants that have never produced. I think that may mean that we have to water like crazy all winter, too. Aargh!

    Love the purple color. All my pinks turn blue here. Sometimes they pass thru purple in the second year, but I finally gave up and only plant blue! Happy weekend.

  7. Julienne, After the summer you had, The rains must be most welcome. Today is already shaping up to be hot and humid here. Enjoy your gray skies!

    Semi Expat, We are thank you. Albeit it a HOT one. Hydrangea behavior explained by a later comment from Webb.

    Sara Louise, Yum!

    Maggie, Welcome! i rushed right over and read your (yes much longer but very informative) posts. Thanks for visiting. I'll come on your garden tour.

    Vintage Simple, Lucky for them !! Nice to see you out and about. xoxo

    Webb, Oh, that makes more scientific sense that my idea of a stern talking to. Though i will always wonder... love your Memorial Day post.

  8. lovely photos! the colors are so gorgeous.

    xo Alison

  9. hi flwrjane,

    if you can find the time, i'd love for you to email a pic of your chinoiserie wallpaper. i have a tiny hallway that i'd love to paper.

  10. Completely frustrated with my losing battle with garden weeds, I resolved to sneak outside with the Major's arsenal of weed killer once everyone slept. Until I read your entry, damn it. Put me in my place. How could I justify being a killer not a weeder? Needless to say, heading outside now.....Tink.