Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunlight With Clematis

Good morning. My head seems to be full of Beatles songs today. The initial good morning I wrote was accompanied in my head with 2 more good mornings and a yeah. Here Comes The Sun is next on my hit list. Our first sun since Sunday ( this sounds like a sad song). Days of rain have done wonders for the freshly planted vegetables and seeds, if not my psyche. The lawn is laden with clover, a good thing according to the new issue of Horticulture magazine. And the weeds? Plentiful! Aren't I always weeding?

The clematis is back and beautiful and clambering up the crape myrtle as intended. Though this happens every spring, it always seems miraculous to me with its big blossoms, the smooth tree bark and full buds yet to open.

It's 8:00 am and at this rate it will be a miracle if I get to work by 9:00, sitting here with wet hair in my pajamas, but I had to take a moment to share. Hope you are enjoy a warm, sunny day full of grace moments.


  1. thanks for the sunny pictures and well wishes for the day! oh how i wish i could be working with flowers all day...

  2. Katie, We wish you were here with us too!

  3. Hi Jane,

    Your clematis looks beautiful! Is it a Jackmanii? We have a blue clematis in our garden (forgot the name), but it is still full of buds. I hope to have just as pretty flowers as you have!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  4. The sun is shining here too. Enjoy your clematis.

  5. i love a spring rain and what it does for my garden.

    your clematis is beautiful. i don't have any but i would like some.

    thanks for possibly being late to share with us.


  6. Madelief, It is a Jackmanii. And so well behaved. i don't know why I don't have more. They're so pleasing.

    Danisse, Thank you. I'm loving it!

    Janet, We get cut clematis from our wholesaler in San Francisco. The blooms are bigger, the colors more intense. You should plant some. Would be perfect in your garden.

  7. I love when my head is full of Beatles songs, puts me in a happy mood :-)

  8. Clematis are so satisfactory - all the good colors. I just tried putting some in an arrangement - for the first time - and now I am hooked! Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.