Friday, April 16, 2010

Partaay in The House!

In other cities florists do arrangements for fashion designers or movie stars. Here we do them for politicians. These parties start and end early. There are massive amounts of security, dogs sniffing at your flowers and ID checking.

Last night was an exception. We did flowers for a dinner at the W Hotel honoring Hilary Clinton. The W is the old Hotel Washington revamped. We drove to it through a sea of protesting Tea Party members. I stuck my head out the window at a red light to engage in some banter, but thought better of it to my driver's relief.

The flowers were once again green, this time with a touch of white. The room was white and rather sterile with an incredible view of the city. I had to get out before the security sweep and never got to meet the guest of honor. But I was honored to do the flowers.

As we left I hopped off the elevator at the lobby level rather than continuing down to the sub basement , better pictures on this level, trust me. Nothing sterile about the lobby, loving the 4 red chandeliers.

Drove back to Arlington, once again absorbing a rather different political slant. Beautiful day for a protest I thought. We tread on no one. Their flags asked us not to.


  1. What an incredible honor whether for a Clinton or a Palin :-)
    Love the lobby, that couch is awesome!

  2. What great flowers - you are so talented! And love your blog too...x

  3. Hi Jane,

    You must feel very special to have made a bouquet for Hilary Clinton!! It is beautiful! Love the colour you chose and the combination of flowers you made.

    Wish you a good weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  4. Beautiful flowers - good job!

  5. You Kick Ass! Btw- passing on a Sunshine Award on to you! Thanks for all the inspiration

  6. Thank you, thank you. It is so wonderful to stagger home after a busy, crazy day at work and read all your comments. You rock my world and make it such a happier place. xoxo

  7. you rock! so talented...and beautiful.

    enjoy your weekend.

  8. Far more gossip and intrigue in the world of politics. I would say you had the better clients.

    English Lilac update - flowers buds are burgeoning, let's hope it doesn't all get covered in volcanic ash....

  9. Beautiful flowers- I would love to be able to arrange flowers like this - great blog and thanks for the advice I will go to the docs if it hasn't gone by tomorrow- promise Jx

  10. really nice flowers


  11. Ah, that last shot of your beautiful arrangement and the DC skyline..! Sigh. I miss it sometimes.


    ps: Banter. I love that word. ;)