Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waking Up With Red

I feel like Goldilocks and the 3 blogs. Monday was too busy, Tuesday was too rainy and Wednesday is too tired, rather I'm kind of tired but what the hell I'll post anyway.

While I've been busy, rained on and working hard, the garden has been producing reds. Not everyone's spring colors, but they work for us.

The Japanese maple leafed out and glowing. The red honeysuckle on the chain link fence and a red charm peony just cracking open. These are a few of my favorite things. The pink lily of the valley are almost ready for their close up but I'll save that for another day.

Oh, and a final shot of two tired pups, one (not ours) wearing the cone of shame. So shameful ,he has battered it to bits and it is now held together with duct tape. And I just noticed in the puppy shot the monopoly house across the street with the very red door. Perfect.


  1. Jeez Louise! Peonies already?! We're still in forsythia and Callery pears just went crazy blooming over the weekend.

  2. Oh, I loved your first paragraph..! and the last shot is brilliant and perfect indeed, although I hope the cone leaves him 'just right' soon.

    We ate, we chatted, we listened to NPR, we read books about reptiles and amphibians, and now we're off to bed..! Sleep tight, dear!


  3. ooh! i've never seen red honeysuckle before. beautiful!

  4. What a weird spring - maybe even more weird than winter was. What in the world does it say about summer.

    My crepe myrtle are leafing out! in April. Maybe we need to move Labor Day to August?

  5. Yum, I wish we could grow maples like that over here- they just get frizzled.