Monday, April 19, 2010

You Reap What You Sow

When I was a teenager this statement didn't bode well for me. Whether at boarding school or at home, being grounded (or confined to campus) was sure to follow.

But hah, now that I'm an adult, being grounded means I have my two feet firmly planted in the earth, or in the garden if you would.

Yesterday was a chilly day, in the 50's as opposed to the 90's we were getting used to. Too chilly to work outside I decided and suggested pedicures. Just one hour countered German girl. 5 hours later, 3/4 of the garden was weeded, some plants moved, shrubs trimmed and part of the 5 yards of mulch we received on Thursday spread.

Kneeling and weeding are not so bad when your nose is inches from pink lily of the valley, sweetely scented yellow iris ( a gift from a friend's garden so no idea of their name) or the ginormous blooming broom . And whose idea was it to put it so close by the door? Guess that would be mine. Who knew?

Today is sunny and warm, but the garden will be abandoned while my hair is trimmed and weeded and covered with blonde goodness. Roots, good in a garden, bad on the head.


  1. The broom is gorgeous!! As are the iris. How can you have iris and peonies before I do? Jealously is such a pretty shade of green.

    Next week, I hope.

  2. Ha you do make laugh... roots good in the garden but NOT good on the head ... isn't it nice when roots are done?! Lily of the Valley and the Irises look amazing...! x

  3. just wanted to stop by before tomorrow to say thanks for all your support through this with a fellow dog understood

    you're a good friend..i just wanted you to know.


  4. What is it with you Americans and your Lily of the Valley? I was in New York a couple of years ago, they have so much they mow it down.

    My heart was breaking, don't they know how much the Dutch charge for this stuff?

    No planes moving yet.

  5. those beautiful buttery irises are oooooh so divine! what an excellent sneaky gift.

  6. Webb, Just think, long after my garden is arid and empty, yours will still be blooming. Who is green then?

    semi expat, Exactly. i feel much better about life today1

    kary, Thank you, as are you. Aren't we lucky to meet so many kindred spirits in blogland?

    Miss P.,trust me i know the value of this delicious little flower. it's a good thing I do grow my own, cause we're still looking to the skies for Dutch flowers!

    Katie, I hope we have any flowers left in the garden when we see you in May!

  7. I really must book an appointment with my colourist.

  8. Lily of the Valley are magical to me. Vince and I lay on our tummies at the BBG to sniff them. Wow. I am jealous.

    Roots, good in garden bad on head? Very, very funny.

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...not just any old lily of the valley, but wonderful convallaria majalis var. roseum! How ultra-cool.
    As ye sow, so shall ye reap!! Excellent.

  10. I want to know who David is .Anybody who knows the latin name for my pink lily of the valley is a friend of mine. But i can't connect to your blog. Bad, sad, disappointing!