Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let The Sunshine In

A heartfelt thank you from the garden to Denise of Little Pheasant. She's one of my BBF's and a constant source of delight and inspiration. Thank you for giving me the Sunshine Award. Though it's gray and raining outside, it's sunny and delightful here at SmallButCharming thanks to you.

And now I get to pass it on to other bloggers who make me laugh, sometimes make me cry ,occasionally get me to gasp aloud at their words or photographs. I've found new recipes, gardening tips, beautiful flower arrangements, poetry, and just plain inspiration.

So I pass the Sunshine Award on to
66 Square Feet (the blog that started it all for me)

My Farmhouse Kitchen ( I'm sure
you've gotten a million awards, now you have a million and one)

The Little House In The City ( don't start with her recipes or your family will demand them weekly)

Sara In Le Petit Village ( if you haven't read Sara Louise' s saga of her life in Provence start at the very beginning)

And of course, the ever glamorous, always witty Miss Pickering. ( your life will never be the same after you meet her , and you'll feel witty by association)

I'm getting the look from the Lab, I believe it's walk time or dinner time, anyway, loud and clear, it's DOG time! Gotta run.


  1. Darling ..Jane, you have made me laugh so much when you said "roots are good for the plants not for the hair"!!! I´m so happy to see your garden is blooming everywhere and that you are gardening a lot...what can be better??.
    Thank you so much for your words on Feb. when my country had the big and mega earthquake and tsunami...
    Cariños from Chile,
    Maria Cecilia

  2. Jane, you've made my morning. Thank you so very much for this and taking the time to visit me in my little crazy French world :-)
    Oh and I'm with Maria Cecilia, that root comment made me chuckle.

  3. Congratulations and what a beautiful little posey - I love pansies so much. x

  4. I am blushing, thank you so much.
    Kiss to the pooch.
    Planes are flying

  5. Those pansies and lily of the valley is the loveliest little image. Congratulations on Sunshine!

  6. So well deserved - I always feel like I get a little dose of sunshine when I visit here. Congratulations, dear!


  7. I'm sorry...I didn't say thank you in the right place: Here!!!

    Thank you :-)