Monday, March 22, 2010

On The Third Day Of Spring

What a difference a day makes. Saturday and Sunday I was wearing flip flops, today I'm in my wellies.

Sunday my little tulip plant had one perfect blossom, today all the flowers are open.

Sunday we were grilling, tonight I'm making meat loaf but with a french potato salad and I can make this why? Because my herbs are growing, I could quickly steam some little Yukon gold potatoes and toss them with a shallot, a few spring onions, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and some chives and thyme from the garden.

And the meat loaf, kind of a fancy recipe from the 72 Market Street. Restaurant

I don't make the accompanying sauce unless I'm at the beach on Fire Island and my friend Larry wants the whole shebang. For a week in paradise I'll cook anything you ask.

And though I know this isn't a political blog ,one more thing: on Sunday the health care reform bill passed, on Monday, my state Virginia threatened to sue the federal government over the health care reform bill????? What!!


  1. So excited about this recipe--thanks for the link!

  2. Historic day! It's still gonna be a rough ride. I just don't understand the opposition. So frustrating. Happy Spring

  3. Started to wax on about how frustrating our AG is to file suit, but don't need to go there.

    Love the tulips. I never get them to come back. Got a secret? Zone 7, Central Va. Thanks.

  4. Elizabeth, You're welcome! It's delicious, you'll love it.

    Denise, Don't you wish we could have just one day to celebrate? Even 5 minutes?

    Webb, I thought I would hear from you on this one, right? Have no tulip secrets, the one plant in the picture was in my garden when I moved in in 2001. Go figure. If i planted it and loved it, i never would have seen it again!

  5. Whoa - those tulips are amazing!

  6. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! The tulips you show us are beautiful. I hope your state won't sue the federal government. We have health care in Holland and it is great!!!

    Enjoy your day!

    groetjes, Madelief

  7. The weather is mental! Raining in my little corner of Provence on Monday and Tuesday, yesterday I was happy to see the sun and the first wild flower blooms, and I just looked at the forecast today, much cooler and more rain! I just want to wear my flip flops. I don't think I'm asking for a lot :-I
    Thanks for the meatloaf recipe link. Love me some meatloaf :-)

  8. Our tulips are about to open... Maybe tomorrow, in fact, I will walk out to our front porch, lean over and see them in all their red and yellow (I think - I can't remember now!) glory.

    I have no answers. One reason I try to avoid the news. I say let's celebrate. If I lived closer, I'd come over with a glass of good wine...and maybe I could talk you into cooking some of the many delicious meals you write about here in your blog, dear.