Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weeding Not Fretting

In an attempt to keep myself from turning on the tv and becoming enraged over whatever today's top news stories might be I:

Arrived home from work, let the dog out, threw my purse on the table, grabbed a spade and started digging out wild spring onions from my garden beds. Mind you I was still in my work clothes. Not fancy duds 'cause my job is a dirty one, but still.

Um, made a pasta salad, kind of rushing the season but it is warm out.

Read new postings on my favorite blogs ( congrats to Denise of Little Pheasant for yet one more rave write up), found a few new ones to excite my imagination. ghostly dreams and flower things being one of them. Great writing, beautiful flowers and photos and the coolest flower girl you'll ever see. Okay, I couldn't wait for you to go to her blog, I had to show the photo here!

Must not turn on tv, must not turn on tv, must not turn on tv.


  1. that's one kick ass flowergirl.

  2. one day I need to meet you in person. you are awesome. xoxo