Friday, March 26, 2010

An Orange Umbrella And Purple Lilacs

What was today's highlight? Was it when I decided to change my clothes at the last minute this morning and missed the bus? Or the 25 minutes I stood under my orange umbrella talking to myself and waiting for the next one to come?

Was it when my friend and coworker Betty said " I always say, Jane used to be funnier"? When I replied that I had never heard her say that so she said " I guess I say it to myself all the time". Who knew? So I fired her. Apparently that was funny.

So we laughed through the cold, wet day. Outside the fruit trees are blooming, inside we had lilacs and jasmine and dogwood from California. Pollen is running high and so were our spirits. It's spring.

And as the Lab is my witness, I'll try to be funnier. Jeesh.


  1. ...You funny looking ;-) Hugs from Connecticut. I miss your humor.

  2. You're funny looking. Hurry home, Nika lies in the yard looking longingly at your house. We do too!