Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 20th, 2010

On the first day of Spring, I worked, but i wore flip flops.

When I left the shop, I looked up and saw a tulip magnolia in bloom and pussy willow bursting open.

After work we grilled chicken kabobs and Irish bangers. We ate chocolate dipped fruit left over from German girl's birthday. And we slept with the windows open.

What did you do on the first day of spring?



  1. SO gorgeous! I love fritillaria so much. I took a walk on the beach! In Los Angeles to see family...hope you have a restful Sunday!

  2. Tulip Magnolias! Gorgeous. How hard are fritillarias to grow? I cleaned out a bed so that I couple plant azaleas this morning, and played tennis!

  3. Watched the snow -- yes, that's right, snow in Texas on the first day of spring -- go figure!!

  4. The magnolias are beautious!!! what a pleasant sight.

    Happy Spring, my friend.

  5. The tulip magnolias are so beautiful. Can't quite sleep with the windows open yet. Soon I hope!
    Good Sunday to you,

  6. Elizabeth, A beach, lucky you.

    Webb, I think they are easy to grow in Va., put a few bulbs in with your azaleas!

    Susan, You've gotta get out of that state! At least in Mass. you expect the snow in spring!

    Se'lah, Happy Spring to you too! Going back to your blog to read your new interview.

    Bonjour, What a surprise to see those beautiful magnolias, what a difference a day makes in the spring.

  7. I've been browsing your blog and your photos are very fresh and creative. I do love flowers so I especially love these photos.