Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We were slammed at work today. I don't know what this says about the economy is general, but when people are sending that many flowers on a Tuesday, things seem to be looking up. I'm setting up a new hotel account. A few years ago we might have turned our noses up at their budget. Now we're just grateful for their business. Maybe that's what this post is about: gratitude.

I have a little fat organic chicken roasting in the oven. My house was cleaned today. It isn't snowing (yet). I have a few vases of one of my favorite spring flowers sitting around the clean house. Fritillaria, sweetest little blossoms especially the checkered-lily. And a few more of red parrot tulips. I looked up the spelling of fritillaria in a beautiful old book called The Garden Encyclopedia. It was published in 1936. It's information is as pertinent today as it was then. My mother bought it at auction and I inherited it from her. I always inherited her love of cooking, gardening, auctions and yard sales and a rather sarcastic sense of humor. Thanks mom.

Yep, I'm pretty damn grateful.


  1. If I could ONLY have one flower it would be tulips - so sad they only bloom for a few weeks. The red parrots are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i have only ever seen fritillaria in pictures- they look amazing. and what a lovely post, thanks!

  3. Mmmmn - fritillaria, can we grow them in our zone? Fat little chicken, I can manage that - not growing, but roasting! I seem to recall Edith Wharton had strong feelings for fritillaria (alliteration notwithstanding!)? Or maybe I just wish she had. Will have to check on that.

  4. When I first looked at the picture, I though that flower might be fake! How did it come out with a natural checker pattern? So lovely!

  5. Webb, if I could have only one flower it would be peonies.

    Sepal and Twig, They are so amazing , so delicate (except for the big stinky one,but they're beautiful too.

    Gwen We can grow them here. The boys have masses of them out at the farm in Bowie. I am so jealous. I never get with the bulbs.

    Nicole, Nature the ultimate artist, right?