Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down

I love my Sunday mornings. Yes, I do. The Sunday Times still sitting in the yard. I guess checking out new blog postings is all the news I need in the morning.

Yesterday was an unusually sane Saturday at the shop. The bulk of work was done Friday afternoon, and most of it delivered before I got into work. Lovely. This allowed us to take our time and enjoy doing the rest of the orders: baby showers, birthdays, dozens of anniversary roses, I love you , I miss you and get well soon arrangements.

It was a sunny, springlike day and the store was full of customers wanting to bring that feeling home. We used armloads of peonies, the tulips sold out, the flowering branches are all flowering somewhere.

Here are a few moments from our day. I'm off to Dim Sum celebrating a friend's birthday. There's no sun today, but no snow either and it's the last day of February! Come on March!

** post title compliments of Johnny Cash, the saddest Sunday morning song


  1. Bonjour,
    Glad you had a calm day at work. These arrangements are breataking, peonies are one of my favorites. We're in the middle of a storm here in Paris, rain and lots of wind - here's to a sunny March!
    Good Sunday and thank you for all your visits and kind comments.

  2. your arrangements are so that little mug in the first picture...

    all so lovely...
    looking forward to spring with you too

    kary and buddy

  3. I am SO jealous of your access to spring flowers now! Peonies, tulips, and hydrangeas - oh my! Such a pretty arrangement!

  4. peonies & tulips are my faves.
    you are so fortunate to work with such fragile beauty.
    nothing, but nothing is more gorgeous breathtakingly than flowers.

  5. Wow, thanks to all of you. Wish I could make you all a big beautiful spring bouquet.

  6. these flowers are just gorgeous. it sounds like a lovely Sunday, was had.

  7. Your Sunday sounds perfect - and your flowers are beautiful. For a moment there, I indulged the fantasy of living your life - surrounded by all that beauty... Thanks for that little moment - it was priceless.


  8. Beautiful arrangements! I've never been good with flowers. You'll have to post some lessons one of these days.