Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Producto De Los Estados Unidos

The other 2 full time designers at our flower shop were born in Bolivia. One is a citizen, the other, Betty is a permanent legal resident. Today after work we came to my house and I helped her fill out her application for citizenship. I was honored.

I love them as sisters. I have learned so much from them both. How not to be a princess, how to view every job that comes along as worthwhile, not beneath me. They are both so talented and hardworking, I have come to understand there is nothing I can't ask them to do that I wouldn't do myself.

When I met Betty, she was working at the shop after school, cleaning buckets and the cooler and just making sense of the mess we made every day. After high school she began to work full time and we trained her to design. She is now a brilliant designer. She got married, had 2 beautiful boys. The 12 year old is a 4th year honor student ,the 8 year old has just been accepted into the young scholars program. She is a home owner, soccer mom, fighter for injustice . She taught me by example to stand up for my rights, make the tough phone calls, and set my boundaries. And we laugh daily , trade clothes, share lunches and plants from our gardens.

America is lucky to be getting such a strong woman as a citizen. I am very lucky to have her as a friend.


  1. You certainly are. My husband sponsored the immigration of the three sons of a similar friend of his - one in medical school, one in dental school, and one in MBA school. All are fine young men who already contribute to our community and will do even more once they graduate. We can learn a lot from our neighbors and from embracing the knowledge and culture they bring to our shores.

  2. Webb, beautifully said, this is what I would have written if i had your words!

  3. Bonjour,
    It was an honour for you to help with her application to become a citizen. I love how you said they taught you to view every job as worthwhile - what a good reminder for us all!
    Thanks for sharing this

  4. Very pretty arrangement. Muscari? Gorgeous post, too. Our country will be even better with another beautiful citizen - thank you for helping Betty!

  5. Bonjour,Merci! Thanks for reading and understanding.

    Gewn, They're forget me nots! Do we love them or what?