Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Meatball

I should not be writing this. We're painting our living room and German Girl is plastering the wall under the front window. Looks like we're shooting a page for Anthropologie's March catalogue, the wall is all crumbly and distressed. The other wall looks sad and lonely without its photos and paintings, plus you can see how many holes I made to hang such few artworks.

Anyway, i'm supposed to be cooking a pot roast for dinner tomorrow. We're not going to let a little thing like a totally wrecked living/dining room get in the way of a dinner party. I'm going to brown it and braise it and fill the house with mouthwatering odors and hopefully keep German Girl on task. Last night we had German spaghetti and meatballs. Both meat and sauce are flavored with paprika and nutmeg, milk is added to the tomato sauce and there is even a dash of nutmeg on the pasta. What looks alike but tastes totally different? This dish. Delish. Off to the kitchen with me before I get asked what I'm doing. 'Cause this sure isn't painting or cooking, it is dillydallying at it's finest.

P.S. One correction, since this dish was prepared by Herself, she mentions that the tomato sauce is roux based, hence the addition of milk.


  1. Best dish ever! And the fact that it's Gitti's specialty (best German mother ever) makes it taste that much better.

  2. I'm sorry i never got to eat the original, but nele's version is muy deliciouso , or however you germans say it.