Friday, January 8, 2010

Pot Roast and Painting


I was just taking a minute reading other blogs bemoaning the post party blues. The holidays are over and all we're left with is January. Here it's cold and blustery. The flower shop is slow, not as great a selection of spring flowers I had hoped to find when I returned on Tuesday. But at home we're carrying on ,still having dinner parties. Last night was a good bye to our favorite college students who are off to Ohio till April. I made pot roast, they made indescribably good oatmeal/chocolate/butterscotch cookies and brought french sea salt caramels from one's semester abroad in France. The cookies were so beautiful, we all split one for an appetizer. The pot roast was browned and braised, egg noodles (store bought not our own this time) cooked and a salad tossed. we ate and gossiped and laughed and ignored the plaster blotched walls surrounding us. When they return it will be spring, the walls will be painted and the the garden will rise again.


  1. love this!!! had sooo much fun!!!!!!!

  2. we did too. you and emily are a wealth of good food and good stories. have a great semester, have fun, look out for those stairs.