Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Painting Chronicles

2010, new messes indeed. I'm a bit of a keep it neat freak," always ready for the photographer" a friend of mine says. But on this Sunday morning, I've lost control. The furniture is in the middle of the floor covered in drop cloths, I've barely manage to make room to sit and read the Sunday Times, there are random piles of books and hats and jewelry, and the book cases still need to be unloaded and piled....where? Luckily our roommate HeMan is off to L.A. for the week, so i imagine his room will become the holding tank for books and the rest of the dining room. I'm not sure where we'll be eating tho, cause all the living room plants are on the kitchen table. But as i'm writing i'm loading up on espresso and my engines are rolling and ready to hit the highway. First the gym, then the living room. Together we're better, wish me luck!


  1. But just think how fabulous it will look when it's finished! Leigh

  2. That will be my mantra! tho' not as fabulous as your agapanthus beds!