Monday, January 4, 2010

As I Live, I Learn

This is what I have learned from friends who actually know how to bake: springform pans come in different sizes, so if you use a 12" when a 9" is called for your cake will be flatter. Oh, and the room temperature of butter is not determined by when you are ready for it, but when it is ready for you. Check! And even if your cake is referred to as a pizza, if there is no "pizza" left, it was successful!

Sunday here was unbelievably cold and windy. A day to take down the tree, watch football and make pasta. I needed egg noodles for the goulash i had made on Saturday and was reluctant to leave the house . Out came the cookbooks and the Atlas pasta machine for the first time in about 10 years. Tho' not quite as easy a dough to work as the recipe claimed, the noodles were delicious and i felt quite the Little House On The Prairie cook.

I go back to work tomorrow. My work week runs thru Tuesday through Saturday. One more day of lounging about reading blogs. The wind has died down so we will venture out to the gym , maybe lunch and to pick out some paint for the living room. New year, new messes!


  1. Thanks for your comment! Great to find your blog, too! Enjoy your first day back to work...

  2. oooh, first day back at work kind of a letdown after the insanity of the holidays!

  3. Second day will be better. I was cranky, but today was able to "apply myself." For what that was worth!! Tomorrow things will continue to improve, promise!

  4. Thanks Gwen, I needed that, i had forgotten your facebook posting. But will tomorrow be any warmer!