Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Ice Storm

I am not a patient person. Detailed oriented, yes, if I'm interested in the subject. It's usually the destination, not the journey for me. This does not always work out so well for me or for German girl who often fixes my mistakes. If , for instance, I want to download some pictures,I do, regardless of what else is happening on the computer at the time. As a result, my little camera had very little room for images 'cause it was full of music I had inadvertently loaded. Yesterday i was reading one of my favorite blogs ( and you know who you are) and i jumped up, took some pics , went to download them and somehow got the entire September 2007 blog postings downloaded to my pics. Good God, it took German girl about an hour to clean up that one. So now I am to close all sites, take a deep breath and turn on the camera. Okay, okay. There's a resolution for you, or rather for me. Slow down and try to capitalize . Oh, and never say no to a merengue! Happy New Year!


  1. very pretty ice photos. got a camera for Christmas, look out there's a blog a-coming. B's making crabcakes now; I rang in last night with chipped beef gravy on toast (with frozen peas thrown in for the 'veggie touch'). yep, I'm a white trash chef. even woke up too late today to saber the magnum!! tomorrow IS anothah day...

  2. Excellent ( both on the upcoming blog and the new camera ). Sounds like you shared New Years Eve dinner with my father. What kind of camera did you get?

  3. We grew up on that stuff, and I have insane cravings for it every so often... Camera's a SONY point-and-shoot. Pretty sure I'll outgrow it, but gotta start somewhere!