Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Made For Walking

have i no life if i'm not working? or am i so busy living it i don't take pictures? our sunday spring day has flown and we're left with sunshine and bitter cold winds. sunday i felt like gardening, monday and tuesday, i felt like cuddling up on the couch with the lab and reading book after book. but out we've gone, twice to the gym, and my muscles are screaming ( with joy? ), shopping, actually clothes shopping, new boots for both of us. born for her and uggs for me. we've gone out to lunch, which sure beats sitting around a cluttered design table in the back of the shop eating leftovers. we've gone out for breakfast and out for coffee. now we're going out to dinner at a neighbor's. swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, green beans and ligonberries prepared by his new swedish/american girlfriend. all we're bringing is fresh baked bread and 3 chairs. hurray for after the holidays!


  1. Great boots. Sounds like you've been busy, I'm impressed you found the energy to hit the gym.
    Enjoy ringing in a fabulous New year filled with much happiness!

  2. Cute boots (both)!! Happy New Year to ya.

  3. Merci Bonjour! Hope you are enjoying this New Years Eve. WE're just getting started.

    Gwennie, Happy New Years! Are you cooking something fabulous? Did B. ever return from Whole Foods during the blizzard? So many questions. So hard to capitalize!

  4. Very low-key New Year's. Yes, B really DID get back from Whole Foods (perhaps next time I'll send him further?). He got thrown off Metro at Ballston - the above-rail stations were closed; made a deal with a stuck taxi driver - he'd push him out if driver took him home. Two other young guns joined in - but B said they didn't push and he had, along with his groceries, his effing cane!!