Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Sun Is Up, The Sky Is Blue...

sunny sunday morning. the snow has melted and the cat is outside. little pokie, happy at last. i have the sunday Times and the new Vogue to read. the espresso is dripping, birds are singing, all is right in our world. my kitchen is bursting with food: pumpkin bread baked by a neighbor, gingerbread brought by a friend, bags of sugared almonds, candied pecans, gingersnaps, a butterstollen ( well, maybe half a loaf of the stollen cause i love it) assorted jars of jams and preserves from another friend but not a slice of plain bread to spread it on. our neighbor, the Major, gave us a kitchen aid for christmas. perhaps i should unpack it and bake some bread? never mind , just got a text from said neighbor, he's cooked breakfast! this day is getting better by the minute. gonna wash my face, wake up german girl and the lab, and we're outta here!


  1. Thank you for your comment!
    Inside the bowls is not a real snow, but it looks like! if you touch it it really seems :))


  2. Bornay, both your arrangements and your photos are fantastical.

    Marie, Right? they are the best. welcome home. i want your teacups!