Friday, October 30, 2009

home before dark

this is the first weekend all month we haven't had a wedding or two to do at the flower shop. (though why no one wants to get married on halloween is beyond me. we could have done fantastic flowers.) as soon as i arrived home i saw fantastic flowers in the yard: roses still blooming, berries glowing, and buds setting on the gardenia. there were fat bees buzzing round the caryopteris and beautiful leaves tinged red on a hydrangea. the time changes this saturday, i'll miss the light.


  1. I'll have a Halloween wedding for ya!! I'd want bugs & spiders and creepy beautiful stuff!! Nice photos - G

  2. thanks my creepy crawly stalker! pics get a leetle better all the time. wish that bee would have stayed still tho!

  3. thank you other flower designer named jane, you just made my day!