Thursday, October 29, 2009

comfort and joy

it's been a week of comfort food here in the small but charming house. german girl is having a bear of a week at school, the normal 12 hour days (counting commute time) and then hours studying or writing a paper. so, i do what i like to do best, walk the dog and cook some life enhancing meals. she gets home so late, and hungry, there's no time for pictures. well, i did get one of a beef stew with mashed potatoes, but everything else can only be seen in the smiles on our faces and the inch on our waists. rereading "more home cooking" by laurie colwin, one of my favorite food writers and she says "you want comfort; you want security; you want food; you want not to be hungry; and not only do you want those basic things fixed, you want it done in a really nice, gentle way that makes you feel loved." amen to that!


  1. Have you read any Laurie Colwin novels? I remember them as being comforting and pleasant but that's about all. I like your portion size: not too big, not too little, just right. Very unAmerican.

  2. Looks delicious...I've got comfort items on the brain for cooking this weekend. Stew's right up there, along with black bean soup, etc.

  3. pam, i have read all her novels. i've been accused of reading for " emotional content" and i stand accused. so i found her novels to be, comforting, as you say. and at the end of a crazy day, that's all i need!

    gwen, let me know what yummy things you cook up. and remember, baking is a great comfort food, and ,sharing your delicious baked goods with friends is one of the 7 heavenly virtues!