Sunday, November 1, 2009

after the storm

halloween took quite a toll on our little 'hood. last walk of the night with the lab and there was a RABBIT. lab ran after it, german girl's threadless old kicks skating over the wet leaves and paving. they were both stopped by a parked car. oouf, ouch. our roommate, he-man, managed to tear his bicep, protecting a woman from a beer throwing drunk in a bar. he's a weight lifter, that's a lotta bicep. another friend and neighbor is recovering from the flu, his roommate just diagnosed with bronchitis. me, i'm cooking. almost afraid to leave the house. tonight, chili made with chunks of beef and lots of red kidney beans. i'll serve it with rice and a big bowl of guacamole made with avocados that came to us from california via connecticut. we'll feed as many of the injured as possible. keep cooking, stay healthy!

1 comment:

  1. I'm not injured or anything, but that food sure sounds good!