Tuesday, September 8, 2009


tho' it's only september 8th, summer seems almost over . everyone is back at work, or back to school, the sun sets so early, i can't procrastinate feeding the multitudes at home as i could in the summer. the dog is hungry, of course the dog is ALWAYS hungry, the cat hates us all but she'll come in the house to be fed, nele, aka german girl , is on her way home from school and will be starving by the time she hits the door at 8:00 or 8:30, but luckily, our roomate, he-man, is home from a 10 day trip and has brought piles of vegetables from friends and family in pennsylvania. so,ta da, ratatouille, or my bastardized version of it. though i saute all the vegetables separately to help them to keep their own flavor and shape, i do throw in some crushed red peppers, tonight i'll serve it with pasta and strew fresh basil all over the top. a little freshly grated parmesan, a simple green salad and i'm talking love. in a bowl.

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