Friday, September 11, 2009

a picture is worth 0 peaches

it's been a busy couple of days in the shop, so i've had no time for home or garden. it's september 11.2009 and i live about a half mile from the pentagon. i just drove by on the way home and was touched to see all the people visiting the memorial. on september 11,2002, i planted some cottage yarrow to memorialize the day, and yarrow being yarrow, is now all over the garden. anytime i had a blank space i dug a hunk up and planted it. now, every spring, i beg my friends to dig up a piece. as a result, many gardens in my area remember the day.

recently i have been wanting to take a pic of our 2nd year peach tree, but not being a great photographer, it didn't happen. however, i did get a picture of the annual bed that surrounds it( 1st pic). i love the henna coleus and the rubrum grasses. the self serving - i mean self seeding verbena bonariensis, and the mahogany potato vines(i forget the variety), almost make up for the fact that we had NO peaches this summer. We had about 30 peaches to start but as you will, see courtesy of our neighbor nelda, a picture is worth zero peaches:

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