Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Raindrops On Roses

Day 3 of constant rain.  I don't know why I keep getting flood alerts on my phone. I am aware, all I have to do is look out the window at the swimming hole that was my back yard.

Even Gus is resigned to staying inside. He dashes out every morning only to dash back in, wet and mulch spattered.

Then he follows me around step by step, room by room.

Nothing is off bounds. He accepts no boundaries.

You're taking a bath?  Don't mind if I do...

Lord love a duck.

Gus does.

 Due to the incessant rains he was unable to accompany me to the doctors office for my monthly shoulder check up.

So I had no witness to the doctor proclaiming that my recovery was " ahead of the curve" and he was very pleased with my progress.

Not as pleased as I was to hear this, little Ms.Competitive me.

You must be working hard he said. Oh yeah. But not as hard as my therapist who carries on stretching my arm in 11 impossible directions while listening to a steady stream of curses ( or prayers). Same words, different meanings. Homonyms?

But then he had to remind me that "gals" (there's that word again) tend to retear the tendon more easily than guys.  So I have to be patient and wait 2 more weeks for that magic 3 month marker.

Then all hell can break loose...or at least we can up the weights at PT.

10 weeks out tomorrow!

Can I get a whoo-hoo?


  1. I love Gus.
    I used to have a kitty that would get IN the bathtub with me. No fear of water.
    And congrats on the progress. Woohoo.

  2. Whoo hoo you!!! Not surprised you've done so well…but then you have lots of fun waiting at the end of that three month mark. xx

  3. Whoo hoo! Good job, well done!

  4. Whoo hoooooooooooo!

    I knew someone whose cats would sit in a plastic washing up bowl in her bath (yes, while she was in the bath!) and float. They started this as kittens, and never lost the pleasure of it. Next time I have a kitten to train.......

  5. Woo-hoo and a high five ,too.

  6. Goodbye April showers. I think it's time for May flowers.

  7. Woo-hoo!! You are encouraging for me - I hurt my back 2 months ago, believing I was younger than I am. And I've waited 2 months thinking the ouch will take care of itself. Not so much. So I go to the orthopod on Friday. No surgery I think but lots of PT . . .I can do this! There is gardening to be done . . .

  8. Woohoo! Hard to believe it has been almost three months! Please continue to pace yourself!💐💐💐👏

  9. Great news on the shoulder, I knew you would rock the recovery. No weed pulling please!