Friday, January 10, 2014

The Circle Game

Hey, pssst, it's Gus.

Guess what? Lucy and I got a present!!

Jane brought the box inside assuming it was for her but oh no, it said Lucy and Gus.

That's us!
 And there was a note. 

With a fancy crest on it. Clearly from royalty, our true family.

And tools for Jane, because the royal family knows she wouldn't have extra batteries and a tiny screwdriver hanging around.

So true.

We were so excited, Jane put it together before she even took off her vest, scarf or wellies.

It only took two tries before she got the batteries in properly. 

( How hard is it to see the + sign I ask you)

But the amazing thing is she did get it working and we played and played and played.

If anybody could tell us how to rotate Jane's video so you don't have to tilt your head to the side to watch it, I would post that too.

We are poetry in motion Lucy and I.

Pure poetry.

Thank you Susan. we love it and we love you.

We don't love your little dogs though.


P.S. It says batteries to be installed by adult only. Is this the same adult that's supposed to be in the kitchen with Jane when she bakes? hahahaha


  1. It's wonderful to get presents in the mail ... especially wonderful if you're a cat ... except that cats think that they are entitled, which takes some of the fun out of it. Can't help you with the video issue, sorry.

  2. How exciting to receive such a super gift and through the mail! While I wouldn't mind turning my head sideways to view there are instructions found on a Google search that explain. Something to do with iPhones or droids or some other foreign techno language...anyway, it's easier to tilt! I saw this little video cartoon this morning and thought of y'all trying to wake up Jane...hope you can relate; however I am not suggesting such drastic measures. Enjoy, enjoy going around in circles! Hope the video link works! It's title on YouTube is "Cat Man Do -Simon's Cat.

  3. What a lovely gift, Gus & Lucy! Hope it keeps you both entertained during this rainy, dreary day. PS - You two are too cute for words! :)

  4. That's so cool. I'll have to look for one.

  5. Hey Sir Gus,

    We like poetry too. And toys, with and without batteries.

    Maybe you should ease up on Jane. Jen would have taken off her wellies (if she had wellies) AND had a cup of coffee before she put it together.

    Give our love to Lady Lucy,

    Aji and Masa

  6. What a nice friend. But, Gus, don't forget to thank Jane for making it possible for you and Lucy to play with that fab toy!

  7. You all deserve presents and lots of them!

    Marisa's mother-in-law gave her one for Marvin who was a bit overwhelmed and suspicious: Gus looks like he's jumped in: Lucy looks like she's trying to figure out how it works!!

  8. If you use an iMac you can rotate the movie in iMovie. Not sure how to rotate on a Windows though.