Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowed In? Let's Play A Game!

Yes I know I grew up in Michigan, but I'm not a snow/ice kind of woman.

And I realize I live in Virginia, not any of the  M states like Massachusetts, Maine or Minnesota, states that really got buried under this storm but still we had wind gusts of 45-50 MPH, winds chills  below zero and I do take a bus to work.

I was tempted to call in cold but having finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed over the holiday break, I thought I should get on with it. I was not in the Sierras after all, just walking to the corner.....

So I layered. Leggings under jeans, a long sleeve t shirt under a flannel shirt under a wool sweater under a down vest under a down coat. Accessorized with fur lined boots, a wool scarf, a wool hat knit by my neighbor Nelda, and of course gloves and sunglasses.

I tried to take a picture to show you but in it I look like a very grim sausage wearing sunglasses.

Clearly I survived and to reward myself for my bravery I cleaned out a box from the attic and found more pictures.

 Now let's play what is this wrong with this picture?

  1.  I am brunette.
  2. I am holding a shoe.
  3. Have I even been married to either of these men?
  4. Why is the one on the right so angelically happy?
  5. Why is the one on the left fixing my hair?
  6. I have body in my hair. Did I have a perm?
  7. What year was this?
 We have all been here before.

Haven't we?

Your turn. Show me some history. Thus shall January fly by.


  1. First thing I noticed was your brunette hair. I'm quick like that. This is a funny picture. I can't hazard a guess. I don't think I know where all my old pictures are, but I'm curious to look now:). Do tell. What's the story here?

  2. I like your dark hair, very very pretty, the guy fixing your hair looks like Capri guy Tony. Am I right? Did I win the Pinto? Clueless on the rest. I have a picture album which I call "what were we thinking?" It's from the 80's and never to be seen on the internet. Good night.

  3. Jane..Such a pretty brunette! Does she or doesn't she? Your hairdresser, no? You are practicing for a shoe segment on QVC... And blissful boy, ummm, just very happy about that drink? Thankfully, in the 80s I was behind the camera more than in front, but I think there maybe some lingering snaps from the 60s and 70s. Maybe not! Stay warm...Susan

  4. Is extremely good darkish locks, very very rather, the guy restoring your head of hair seems like Capri man Tony a2z. Shall we be held proper? Did We acquire the particular Pinto? Clueless for the remainder. I have a picture book which I phone "what ended up we all contemplating?Inch It is from your Eighties era and not to be noticed on the net.
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  5. But I didn't know you grew up in Michigan.

    Darn, girl, you are putting me on the spot.

    3.Trick question, you married both of them.
    4. Angelically happy because he's with you.
    5. Actually, he's looking at your ear. You've asked him to pierce it. Or maybe he's applying to beauty school when hockey season is over.
    6. hot rollers
    7. 1993

  6. I am still stuck back on how can you be married to husband 2 already in that picture when you appear to be 18 years old?

    Your history is much more interesting than mine.

  7. Hi Jane,

    It sounds like its Artic in Virginia. We haven't had any winter in Holland yet....still waiting. Hope it won't come :-)

    A lovely photo of you and two very handsome men. I guess they are your brothers....and you are going to a party! Must be.....your eldest brother says it looking better if you put the strand of hair behind your right ear. Your youngest brother is looking angelically happy because he thinks you look absolutely adorable in your dress, which he said you would and you said it would not....

    Happy weekend! Have fun!

    Madelief x

  8. What's wrong with this picture?
    There are no cats in it.
    Were you all just enjoying a little of the
    puff-puff magic, she asks inquisitively
    yet not too personally. Getting dressed in layets & getting out & about in the snow is good for us, Jane. It keeps us healthy, alert, strong & capable.

    1. "layers," sorry.
      Diane in Denver
      3-4" on the deck so far
      and of course, more in the mountains.

  9. No, you won't be seeing the photo I found recently: me aged 22, pregnant, long hair parted in the middle, no fringe (bangs), tent dress far too short. 1971. Not the best year or condition to be in to look one's best!

  10. 3. He's so happy 'cause there's only half a glass of Early Times left in his hand.

    No clue otherwise. Like the hair, tho. Think this next blast of cold will make the first one look puny! Stay layered. xoxo

  11. Hmmm. I'm liking the dark hair and I think you could have permed it. The guy on the left is either your hairdresser who's very interested in how your hair looks, or your husband who's totally into how YOU look.

    "Set of jaws" on the bottom of the poster might be a giveaway for the eighties along with the Sade t shirt the 'angel' is wearing on the right - and if you look closely at that amazing couch to the far left, there appears to be a shark rising to bite 'hairdresser/husband". I like this game.

  12. Another blast from the past! I'm freaking loving these!!!