Thursday, July 25, 2013

There's Gold In Them There Hills ( Or Food In That There Kitchen)

This is so far off topic (potting table) that if you want to stop reading now I'll understand.

But it is about food, so you might want to hang in here.

I have a dual relationship with food. When I am happy in a relationship, I'm in that kitchen rattling those pots and pans.

When the relationship starts to go south or is completely over my interest in food dwindles.

When Tony and I split up in 2008 I was so happy not to hear the words "what's for dinner" every night, I took a cooking vacay.

Instead of shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, I threw myself in Salsa dancing.

My neighbor Nelda and I went 3 times a week, whether she wanted to or not.

I danced myself down to about 98 lbs.

She danced herself into shoulder surgery.

Luckily for both of us I met GG.

And started to cook again.

I haven't gone back to Salsa after our breakup, I now have shoulder issues of my own.

And I do feed myself in a healthy, utilitarian way.

But there's no spoiling coming outta my kitchen.

Or at least there wasn't till Superman moved in.

This morning I work up to crepes two ways: one with raspberries and blueberries, one with scrambled eggs and ham.

And I still hadn't fully digested last night's dinner of fried rice with vegetables. But I'm not complaining, please.

Bet his wife misses the hell out of him!

( And he's even getting used to living with a blogger, camera at the ready).

He's here till December.

Dinner anyone?


  1. Have to agree with Dinah! Is he actually, you know,
    Thanks for a great FITH this Monday -- I've been smiling all week from the abundance displayed.

    Happily yours with masses of golden coreopsis
    and a wee bit of rain here,

    Diane in Denver

    1. Oooh sounds beautiful. Why don't you start a blog? I love your flower pictures?

  2. It's a win/win situation. You get good meals, and his wife isn;t going to go flip out jealous!

    1. I know! Apparently she loves to cook too. Hoping she'll move in in December.

  3. This guy is to good to be true. He's starting to remind me of George Glass.

  4. Make that "too" good. The berries (I'm a berry hound!) blurred my vision.

  5. He made crepes??!! You two should come to The LPV for vacation... it's just a thought :)

    1. They'll be six of us, his family and me, but if you insist...

  6. i'm in love with crepes since france and now i think i'm in love with your roommate. wow, crepes!

  7. That's one beautiful looking crepe!

  8. I love crepes and they are gorgeous. I think I have to go make some now. The fried rice looks delicious too. I'm so glad you have someone giving you nourishment.

  9. How lucky you are with that fabulous lodger! My favourite was Lucy, who only had two dishes - both concocted in the non-stick milk pan, and eaten on alternate days. Both were called "mixture". One involved beef, the other chicken, and were quite indescribably vile. How she survived her student years remains a mystery!

  10. I forget where Superman comes from, but i think it's your duty to show this visitor-from-afar the state capital and environs, including ... my kitchen. I will buy the berries.

    Glad he's helping to keep up your spirits.xoxoxo

  11. I am so jealous! I hate to cook :(

  12. Wow, he's got the energy of...well, Superman. And he's way more talented, all that guy could do was fly. You owe us a potting table!

  13. Jane,
    Crepe with fresh fruits (and hot tea) is my breakfast of choice. You are soooo lucky. What are you going to do after December without superman around? He sounds fantastic.

  14. After December can he come and stay with me? Please!