Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The No Dog Days Of Summer

There's a big ole moon out there tonight and it's hot, but not too hot, no humidity.

It's the kind of night that makes you wish you had a dog so you could take a walk in the moonlight.

But I don't, so I won't.

 I've turned off the air in the living room and have the windows open and I can hear the cicadas and the traffic and hopefully I'll hear Gus soon because it's almost bedtime.

I spent an hour tonight weeding a little patch of earth that holds nothing more than 3 wooly thymes, one mystery portulaca, the mystery being will it bloom or won't it, a pot of purple Hyacinth beans, and three pieces of flagstone. It was the Lab's spot to greet Beau, the dog next door, at the fence. This is where they hung out and gossiped.

There were many weeds embedded in the thyme. I painstakingly pulled them out, gave it all a good drink of water and a coating of fresh mulch.

 I ignored the big bed with all the weeds hidden behind the black eyes susans and just focused on the spot in front of me.

It was a Zen as I get.

Tomorrow I"ll take a picture and post this. ( I just took this picture and I already see a few weeds, aaargh)

We'll all mark the date and then see how long it takes it to turn into tanglewood again.

I give it a week,

I loved all your flowers. I appreciate that it takes time and energy to link up but so many people come by to see our flowers, some leave comments, others just look, and then go to your house to look some more: the rewards seems far greater that the energy spent.

It's a lovely way to spread some goodness.

And who doesn't need a little goodness in their lives.

Love and thanks to all who participated and all who came to see.

xo Jane

(Next post, potting bench, promise.)


  1. Replies
    1. :-)

      Thank god for cats and bunnies. Still, there's nothing like a lab.

    2. I sometimes get my fix from Connor who looks so much like Daisy. Still, those Lab kisses can't be got virtually.

    3. My Mocha (need i explain? A chocolate lab.) has been gone for years and i still his him hulking around the house.

  2. Pulling those little weeds out of the tight growth of ground covers is not easy. It is my belief all the weeds know how to find the best places for their survival and my aggravation. Bonnie

  3. That's the trouble with putting photos up on your screen - suddenly you can see the blemishes/weeds/ wrinkles/dust bunnies/car hair in a way that you just wouldn't without such cruel magnification!

    1. I should make my picture smaller.....thumbnail smaller.

  4. We have a patio of slate with wooly thyme in between and it seems to be the weediest area and it requires close inspection and careful pulling of weeds so as to not yank out the thyme. I do empathize.
    We miss our golden retriever Rufus and he has not been with us for many years.....
    Loving the gentle way of your blog posts, I wish that I had been following you for the past few years.
    Happy to have found you via Janet at the Gardener's Cottage.

    1. Thank you, glad you're here now.

      You'll have to join us next month for flowers in your humble bungalow!

  5. Pretty darn zen.

    Makes me miss my crazy Aussie Casey. It took me a long time to realize I could just take a walk, and I do, often, but it's not the same.

    1. No it's not,I almost cry when i pass people walking smiling, tail wagging labs.

      I've been known to double back to meet the happy dog.

  6. Why is it that the wanted plants suffer through the drought but the weeds seem to thrive. There's something wrong about that.

  7. Perhaps there's a puppy in your future...

  8. I tried to grow woolly luck!
    I have my gardens so jam-packed with perennials, that I can't see the weeds! ha!
    Only had cats..that are dearly departed...but..we still miss them!
    My daughter has a Golden Retriever named Lola...very busy and sociable!

    Hope the weeds don't come back...TOO soon...
    Come on can do it!

    Linda :o)

  9. That big fat moon was hanging low when i went to dance class this morning. Had to puse and spent a minute with it.

    Nicer day today, but i worked instead of weeding.

  10. I just stepped outside, it's absolutely pleasant, I don't know what that means. I do know what you mean about walking with poochies. I walk with Max every morning and no matter how tired or sleepy I am I can't help but smile at his little shenanigans, except of course when he picks up a piece of discarded sandwich, who does that anyway? You're so good about weeding a little patch when you get home, I'm lucky I do it on the weekend.

  11. I am so grateful that the heat broke today...I thought last week I was going to melt away. Too bad it didn't melt any pounds off me....

    The rewards are great....I love the tour of seeing what everyone grows and shows. It's a fun time.

    I've trained my cat to walk on a leash. She only cooperates for about a block but at least I get a little walk in.

  12. How does it make you guys feel if I say that it's 5pm, with a cold , dry wind and will be dark in an hour. And that today i bought another fleecy sweater AND some fleecy slippers. And that I've closed windows, drawn curtains...
    Jane, I try to get around and see the FITH offerings, but time is short, especially when I have to go out and my interthing goes down!But it is, as you, say, a nice thing to do.

  13. I've only just realized that the big black lab is gone :(
    Anytime you want to take a dog on a moonlight stroll, Fifty is available xo