Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Summer Wind

 Today's forecast:

Scattered strong thunderstorms. Storms could contain damaging winds. High 91F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

At mi casa I am assessing the damage from Monday's storm.

Raspberries: still hanging.

 Sungolds ripening.

Fig tree: down.

When I walked out on the little deck Monday night about 8:30PM my breath stopped.

The back yard was a lake and the fig tree had fallen.

My brain couldn't make sense of it.

That night I had nightmares and would wake up to fret about what the fig tree had damaged in it's fall.

The peach tree? The little red currant that had finally produced its first few clusters of fruit?

Could I crawl over the fence on the berm from the alley and get to the drain to clean it out of the mulch and dirt that had washed there during the worst of the rain?

The cats, who were overexcited beyond belief by the new view from the back bedroom window woke me up at 5:00.

All was peaceful. The back yard was a yard again and the fig was slumbering gently over the garden beds. The peach tree standing tall.

I'm hoping to organize a funeral in the 'hood this weekend. It will involve a chain saw. This is a power tool I don't care to use.

I'll save some cuttings and hope to propagate another.

Just when you think you're having a good garden year, staying somewhat abreast of the weeds, Mother Nature comes along and lets you know otherwise.

Pride goeth before a  fall.

 P.S.How ironic. I'm off today. After a fast hour of cutting down some past bloom plants, I took down the umbrella, the chairs and rushed inside just minutes ahead of the first onslaught of rain.

At which point the fence guys arrived.

Go home I told them. It's going to be impossible to work outside. I would have felt it necessary to hold umbrellas over their heads as they dug.

Though I did fell it was necessary to show them the fig tree.

Que lastima we all agreed.

Then they drove away.

The fence that never was and never will be. I have been scheduled for last Friday, this past Monday and today.

All these dates have produced strong storms.

I'm feeling kind of responsible.


  1. Jane, if you have time and energy, consider trimming the fig right back, pruning its roots and repotting.
    Marie was quite harsh with hers and it's looking good.Also, some of the cuttings she has in water are beginning to show the beginnings of roots.
    Good luck

    1. We did that once Dinah. I'm afraid it's planted in the wrong spot.

      But I take heart Marie's cuttings are rooting!

  2. Ah, how we hate to see a good fig tree go. But from one, many!

  3. I'm so sorry to see your toppled fig tree. The winds are picking up here. I am watching mine with some anxiety. It has figs on it for the first time.

    1. It takes a lot to topple a tree, a lot of water, a lot of wind. may your tree be safe.

  4. I'm sad about your fig, Jane. I do hope you start another. Mother Nature, she likes to remind us she is in charge.

    1. I wish she could just send me an email!

  5. Que lastima????? Lol, my sister, Celeste, says that all the time when life is kicking her ass.

    I'm so sorry about your fig tree. When I lose a plant, I lose a friend. I feel for my blooming buddies.


  6. Is this a different fig tree than the one that fell over last year? It doesn't look to be broken. Can't you prop it up and stake it and see what happens?

    1. It gets too tall and it's planted too close to the house.

      Who knew it would grow and grow and grow.

      It was as tall as the house.

      And I'm afraid it's too big to be replanted else where.


  7. Maybe you weren't meant to have a fence?

    If the fig tree is still intact, perhaps replant and see what happens?

  8. I am so sorry about your tree.
    Thank goodness the raspberries etc survived.

    Endless rain here too, but not 91 thank goodness.

  9. Yes, you probably are responsible, Just as I am responsible for last year's appallingly wet summer by buying that lovely sun hat.....

    1. Finally, someone who recognizes both my and her culpability!

  10. Nôooooooooooooo! Not thr fig tree!! So very sorry. Know you love it.

    Storm passed thru here in five minutes leaving gentle - but definitely un-needed rain behind. Maybe tomorrow for the fence. You know, some years Mother Nature is a witch ... or something.


    1. I know, same here. Fierce storm, twice today, then left as quickly as it had come.

      I don't mean to complain but I could have kept the fence guys....

  11. Dear Jane. My poor fig, which the neighborhood squirrels and birds (I have yet to eat one fig off of it) has a baby coming up. I so wish I could share it with you. Stay safe, it sounds like you guys had a really bad storm today. Bonnie

  12. So sorry for the loss of the fig tree. Hoping you'll get lots of babies from the cuttings. And, I'm still holding out hope for your fence. I feel sure the perfect-fence-installation-day is coming soon.

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  14. I sense there's a metaphor in all this, somewhere.

  15. I am also sorry for your arboreal loss Jane darling..... now would you be so kind as to bring me the figgin' axe!