Sunday, June 16, 2013

Don't Fence Me In

And then it was Saturday.

What a week.

The tree came down.

The fence went up.

And so did Lucy.

When I saw the fence guys fire up their chain saw I asked them if they would cut up the fig tree and take it to the curb.

For $60.00 they would.

Done. And done.

Farewell dear friend.

In other news, we have a changing of the guard here at SBC.

The Colonel is finished with her assignment and is moving back home on Sunday.

To my initial dismay she put a posting up in the Pentagon gym advertising the room for rent.

To my eventual delight I acquired a new housemate who will drop off his things on Sunday, drive his family to Seattle on Monday and return soon to finish his final 6 months of service. He's a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force.

When we met I showed him around the house. Then he asked to see the garden.

He passed the Jane test.

I also told him I often watch The Rachel Maddow Show at night.

Would he have a problem with this if he was around?

I don't like to make people uncomfortable with my politics. Well, not if I'm sharing space with them...

No, he assured me. He had a two month assignment in the White House last year and he didn't want to leave. Apparently you can help yourself to vegetables from the garden.

Also he reminded me, he's from Seattle.

Sealed the deal for me.

Lucy, not so easily persuaded.

She will watch

and wait

and present a formal report at a later date..


  1. How great to find a roommate replacement so easily! Maybe he cooks too!

    Love the photo of Lucy walking the fence.

    1. He subsists on salad he told me. Healthier that I am I think.

      She walks the line, our Lucy Lui.

  2. How tall is that fence? Just had a suggestion to plant Leland Cypress where all the weed trees were cut down. Yeah! You already have grapes?
    Nice to see Miss Lucy get some blog coverage!

    1. You might want to think about Leylands. Mine provided great coverage for 8 yrs.,but they grow so tall and are shallow rooted.

      not so great in storms, and God knows our lives are pretty stormy these days.

      my neighbor has planted arborvitae. they seem in it for the long haul. check them out!

  3. I predict Lucy will walk the fence a lot and become good buds with the Lieutenant Colonel :)

  4. The fence looks good, but I hope you will do more than "settle" for Leylands. So many possibilities: a trellis of vines, paint it lavender and plant against it, or turquoise or pink, or OMG the possibilities are limitless!

    Glad you have a new roomie. Sounds like a remarkably good fit, and goodness knows you never have to worry about a military person paying on time! You may have a great new source with no hard work. Sorry to see the Colonel go, tho.

    It will all work out. Am sure of that. xoxo

    1. Webb, I think Shelley was talking about her yard not mine.

      God knows I would never plant another Leyland, just spent a fortune taking them down.

      First I need top soil and humus.....then we'll talk some plants!

  5. There's something very lilting about the way you write. I always like to come here. Will be waiting for Lucy's report. (I have a Lucy, too, but she disdains reporting.)

    1. Thank you. What a lovely thing to say. Lucys, go figure!

  6. I have a Lucy too. She's a dog, with very strong opinions about most things. Good luck with your roommate.

  7. Lovely Lucy patrolling the perimeter.... What better, a guard kitty and a new roomie!

  8. Lucy is adorable... report back when you can with information on the new lodger! x

  9. Will Lucy hop over to a tree, down the other side and run away? I tend to fret, can you tell . . .

    1. Lucy has already been up the tree, down the otherside and back again.

      They call her "Baby" on that side of the fence.

      She's adored over there.

      They call Gus "Crazy". I think Baby is crazy but they're not asking me.

  10. I like the fence and the sound of your new roomie! I'm sure Lucy will come around.

  11. Love the new fence. It seems it providing some entertainment for Lucy as well. Glad to hear you have a new housemate. So sorry about the fig tho'.

  12. The fence looks very nice. Will you be staining it or painting it? Or neither? I think if you do one or the other so that it ends up a bit darker, it will make an especially lovely backdrop for whatever you plant in front of it. Of course, if you do neither, it will fade to a lovely silver gray, and that can make a pleasing subtle backdrop, too. (Yes, I obsess just a bit over garden fences and walls, I love their potential as a design element.)

    I predict that Lucy will warm up to your new housemate, who sounds like a delightful person. Best wishes!

  13. change can be so exciting! glad your garden is getting a facelift of sorts. thank you for the bcbg compliment. sadly, i had to look up the meaning. i'll never make a parisian woman. xo

  14. Pretty fence. Too bad about the fig tree, they are glorious, you'll plant another. Roomy sounds like a winner.