Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

Or late afternoon in the garden.

The first red charm peony opens.
And the weigelia promises weeks of beauty to come.
Apparently I'm growing red cabbages. And beets. Who would have thunk it?
And just in time for May Day.
The most fragrant flower of them all.

We made it! It's officially spring in my yard and I hope in yours.

You know what the Indigo Girls say don't you? This has been my battle cry over the last 2 months.
"Rise Up"

"You remember there's more than this
There always was and always is
Tend the artist in your charges
You are full invested

Rise up your dead
There's a life in the old girl yet
Rise up your dead.

Oh, come on the summers coming.
 The rains been heavy and the rivers runin' .
Loose the calf , it's been tough But it's fast and groovin'
We got sticks to a hundred piles.
  We got stories that lead to smiles 
 We gotta twirl with this world I can feel it movin'.
Rise up your dead.

There's a life in the old girl yet
Rise up your dead. "

Happy May Day to all and I hope you found the virtual baskets on your front doors! 
xo jane


  1. Beautiful Jane . . . Love the . . .
    "Rise Up Your Dead". . . "twirl with the world."

  2. You have a peony already??

    Lilies of the valley are so pretty--mine are still green shoots. Your pictures are wonderful--all of them.

    Thank goodness for spring.

  3. Happy May Day for you too!

  4. Spring has, indeed, arrived! My first roses opened yesterday morning, but it will be a while until there are any more.

    Now you have me curious about my Lily of the Valley ... I will have to trek out to the shade garden and check on them.

    Happy Spring!

  5. Along with your red cabbages and beets, it looks like you have some dill or perhaps fennel too..Everything looks wonderful Jane. xo

    1. Bronze fennel. One of my garden addictions. Love the color and the leaf.

  6. That weigelia is pretty cool. I'll have to look into those. I think we can grow them. I have the promise of a good peony crop this year. The plants are looking rather robust but perhaps a little too early to count my buds before they've bloomed. Sometimes a cold snap has other plans for them.

    Indigo Girls! Good god, that really takes me back.

    1. re Indigo: I know, but they're always a must for any self respecting lez.

      and you have to dig deep for a song to move you forward.

      Pitbull is good for Zumba and walking to work, not so good for self esteem growing.

      Check out the wine and roses weigelia, might have to be my next planting...

  7. Weigela AND peonies ... already? Jealousy abounds here. I have buds, just buds.

    There's plenty of life in you, Girl. You just need to appreciate it from a slightly different perspective. I like your new "who am i?" It captures the new you! Xoxo

  8. Thanks Webb! And the red charm is the earliest bloomer. The rest of the peonies are still tight buds.

    Fine by me, more beauty to look forward to.

  9. Wow you are sooooo way ahead of me, or your garden is soooooo way ahead of mine. I do however have lots and lots and lots of lilacs blooming. I like your wiegela, I've been debating whether to get wines and roses, you've probably heard this before so the debate continues. Oh well, Happy Spring!

  10. Oh dear... I am GREEN with envy! Your peony is magnificent! I planted peonies for the first time. A super eBay seller from WI hooked me up. 10+ twisty little root things went in to this S Ga dirt! Shoots have emerged and a few with buds! Just can't wait for at least ONE beautiful bloom! Lovely pictures, pretty flowers, springtime promises...flwrjane is on her way!

  11. I LOVE lily of the valley... So pretty and your peony is fabulous too. Wonderful images.. Have a good weekend. S x

  12. Your flowers are lovely. My peonies are tight buds right now. I can't wait for them to open. We had 80+ degree temps all week. Today it is in the 40s. I think those buds will remain tightly closed for a few more days. I am dying to plant a wiegela, but don't have a clue where. I'm working on that one. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  13. That peony!

    These lyrics remind me of a Hole song I used to listen to while jogging along Lake Michigan, after a break-up. The song was a little crazier, but I loved it. Who knows what Courtney was talking about, but it made me feel like there was a lot more out there for me and fueled me to want to go out and get it.

    Here's a little bit...

    Help me, please, burn the sorrow from your eyes
    Oh come on be alive again
    Don't lay down and die

    Hey, hey
    You know what to do
    Oh baby drive away, to Malibu

    Get well soon
    Please don't go any higher
    How are you so burnt when you're barely on fire?
    Cry to the angels
    I'm gonna rescue you,
    I'm gonna set you free
    Tonight, baby
    Pour over me

    Go get 'em, Jane.

    x, Denise