Thursday, May 16, 2013

All Quiet On The Western Front

Or not.

What's worse, Mother's Day madness or still feeling the adrenaline for two days later so down time is spent in the garden weeding and sowing, hauling and planting.

And what was Monday without a trip to a garden center?

I wouldn't know...

By Wednesday exhaustion hit all of us.  But phones keep ringing and it seems as if everyone in the tri-state area is having a party this weekend, so we soldier on.

Until it's time to go home and all of us scatter into our respective gardens.

I unlock the door and let Bonnie and Clyde out. They're merciless. I don't think there will be a fly left in the 'hood by June. My lips are sealed on any other carnage. But some of you have outdoor cats. You know of what I dare not speak.

Really looking forward to the cicaidas. Not. My nights and days will be filled with the sound of crunching.


But there are peonies, pale pink, fuscia, white and a deep pink. There's salvia and iris and lambs ears and catmint and nigella and peaches.

I'm sorry. Did it sound like I was whining earlier?

Peonies and peaches. I think not. No whining here.

And I'm getting a fence In the back on the berm. Where the Leylands are no longer.

Don't worry, I've taken some truly horrible photos of the view that causes my friends to quake.

And lowers my property value.

That visit to the garden center?

I'm already collecting treasures to plant.

Told you I was gonna get my pretty back.

Stay tuned!


  1. Cicadas!mmmHow about katydids?mmm and the-OW!

  2. Mother's day and Valentine's day must be rough in your world. Don't envy you in that regard but do envy the joy you must have in wallowing in flowers on most other days of the year.
    Oh the mugs on the toilet tank - meow!
    We have 2 outdoor frolicking cats who are very agile and deft - need I say more - they bring us the spoils - oy.
    Kitty, USA

  3. I smell those peonies all the way over here in Alexandria, especially since I have not grown any (but next year, yes!) One can never have too many plants - enjoy the trip to the garden center.

  4. Your Bonnie and Clyde are so cute, how nice it must be to come home to those sweet faces.

    I didn't know what Cicaidas were so I looked it up....yikes, nasty and there will be billions. How long do they last? Too bad they aren't some kind of a delicacy and at least someone could make some money.

    Have fun at the garden center.

  5. Crunching cicadas.....ewww! Rather think about how pretty your new garden will be x

  6. That photo... They look like so much trouble, adorable trouble.

  7. Ah, cicadas! Our dog adored them. I feel your pain. The good news, of course, is that Brood 2 - how is that for a boring name? - will be taking a long vacation soon.

    Haven't seen any yet, but the radio reported sightings last week. Can't wait to see your berm all fixed. Xoxo

  8. Love Bonnie and Clyde - but not the things they might bring indoors. LOL Can't wait to see what you will do with the new view.

  9. I love your toilet tank bookends. Do they hang out while you shower? I have two that have to be in the bathroom while the shower runs. In winter, it's three.

    We're fortunate to be too far north for cicadas. Take pictures. When are they expected?

  10. Just love visiting garden centers. Can't wait to hear what you're planting!

    I don't think your kitten hunting season will be complete until they turn one of their prizes loose inside :)

  11. The Cicadas nearly drove me insane on my last trip to Aix-en-Provence. The noise was deafening. Cute kitties!

  12. ok, I like cicadas. don't know if we'll get them here in the city, but am looking forward to them. I'm a freak.

    Those two criminals!!! I love them.

  13. The cats are adorable and so full of "what shall we get up to"
    Happy gardening

  14. Jane...we have matching peonies. I brought several in two days ago just before the rain began to fall. I couldn't bear to see them face down in the mud. I am hoping to get out into the garden tomorrow for the first (real) time in a couple of weeks. I am not for sure I will make it to the garden center...shhh...maybe Sunday.

  15. I don't miss the dead and dying baby chipmunks and rabbits (a definite benefit of having indoor cats).

    Of course Bonnie and Clyde would never...

    Peaches and peonies...dreamy stuff.

  16. Coveting both kitties and peonies! Can't wait to hear/see how you are dressing up your garden. Happy Days!

  17. That cat picture is priceless.

    Most Wanted.

  18. Those cats are gonna have so much fun with those cicadas. Wheeeeeee!

  19. One indoor/outdoor 12-year-old cat + springtime = 12 squirrels, 4 rabbits, 2 gophers, 22 birds, 1 mole, 3 mice, 2 rats, several lizards...

    Oh, yours are going to love the cicadas!

  20. OK, how on earth did you get them to do that? I can almost see halos, or is that the look that says "what baby bunny?" Ugh, cicadas.