Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Crying Game

I am undone by the outpouring of love and support I have received from you all. From former lurkers, (so nice to meet you at last), to the tried and true, I send you thanks.

I have done nothing constructive today, unless crying counts. I've cried over my book, during a silly movie, while reading each and every comment and the coup d resistance was Marie's post.

I am a limp biscuit.

There is so much power in the written word. I literally feel the force of your words.

I have received emails, texts, and had about a 90 minute phone call with 66square feet. I talked to my ex, to my oldest friend in New York and my stalwart buddy in Florida. I talked to Mr. Baby's mother and emailed with GG's brother.

The only mode of communication I refused to indulge in today was Skyping.

Not with these eyes baby. Puff Mama would be my new blog handle.

I am now going to curl up with a big mug of mint tea, a kitten in each arm and  tea bags on my eyelids.

If all you need is love, I've got it all.

Thank you.

xo Jane


  1. You've got it in spades, Girl. We're all wishing there was something concrete we could do. Suddenly, the fact that we are ll over the world is killing us. What was neat yesterday, is a barrier today.

    My barrier is pretty small tho. I can be there in two hours, if i can help. anytime. Seriously. XOXOXO

  2. My heart is breaking for you... thank goodness for kittens! You do have it all, feel better soon.
    xo, Heather

  3. Jane,

    I discovered your blog about six months ago - stayed up late into the wee hours reading all the way back to the beginning posts.

    Your last post was so unexpected, so painful, so very dreadful.

    I am so sorry.

    Chloe M.

  4. I met you a few months ago . . . drawn in with bud, blooms, artistry . . .
    I do not know you . . .
    I hear heartbreak . . .
    I hold your hand . . . sit beside . . . and care . . .

  5. Oh Jane....I'm so sorry your heart is so sore.

    Sending love, big warm hugs and soft words for our lovely Jane xxxxx

  6. I am happy you got a lot of support from your blog buddies. Like one of them says, it is too bad we are all at a distance. I think breakups need a team of people to rush in and take charge, hold you up and sooth you through those weeks of crying. It's really effing hard. It's a wretched grief. Feel free to email if you feel the need to talk...I may be a stranger in many ways, but i've been there and listen really well.

  7. Jane,
    I am sorry for the pain you must be feeling right now. There is no way out but through, and it hurts doesn't it? I know from reading your blog that you are a survivor and one tough woman. I am thinking about you. I am glad you are surrounded by animals and flowers...Heart suave.

  8. Big hug again today. And a shoulder if you need it.

  9. I'm glad you're feeling love from all directions. And that you have those kitties.

  10. That's really incredible what Marie did. She's one good person...and I recall she eats Japanese knotweed, the bane of my gardening existence.

    I think your situation touches a chord with all of us. I think it's a place we've all been at one time or another and, if not, we don't want to find ourselves in. I'm happy and comforted to see such an outpouring of love for you.

  11. So sorry to hear that your life is changing in a way not of your choosing...this small read might be good right now:

    In the meantime, crying is a necessity!

    Here's to peace in your heart ASAP
    (HUGS) from the frozen tundra that is central OR

  12. Crying is okay! It is healing. I just hate your heart is breaking. Take the time... Pamper yourself a little. Hugs!

  13. Oh Jane, just been catching up on my essential reading. So so sorry. Life's a bitch sometimes and it hurts so. Keep crying, keep patting those beautiful creatures and take care of yourself. xxx

  14. Oh dear, Jane. Just catching up here too. So so sorry. Doing my best to send comfort across the cyber span. It's good to have kitties at such a time as this. And family, and friends near and far. Thinking of you. Hang in there; it does get better! Hugs to you.

  15. Jane, sweetheart, I'm so sorry. Crying helps, really it does. So does hugging kittens and snuggling with the dog. Love them, and love yourself ... it will get better. Thinking of you.

  16. Jane... So very sorry you are hurting. Sending you strength, peace....whatever you need today and days to come. Take care of yourself in whatever ways feel right for you. Am sure those lovely yellow kitties will comfort and love. Hugs....

  17. Jane,
    I feel like the worst blogging friend ever...but this is not about let me just say that I am so sorry you are sad. And like Steve said, you deserve this outpouring of love and support. I think cursing helps too...Wish I could say or do something that would help, but know that I join the many in sending you good wishes...I hate that you are hurting. Even now, your writing is beautiful...know that I'll be thinking about you!

  18. Jane, I am so very sorry about your heartache. I am sending you a virtual hug, a really big one. Love Linda x

  19. So very sorry Jane, sending you a big hug, let it out, love to you,Diana

  20. And you've got the right attitude to boot! xoxo