Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Sweet Sunday

Good Morning.  It has been months now since I could sit in front of a computer on a Sunday morning. I was training at the gym at 9:00am, so we were up and about drinking coffee, walking the Lab, looking for water bottles and keys, rushing out the door. But I have finished my many sessions and am loving having this time back.

We'll see if my abs love it.

This is a house of many unrealized projects.  We have a tree to take down, bar stool cushions to recover, a bedroom to paint before we can rent it out again and a football game to watch. Our roommate of almost 4 years bought a condo and left mid December. The silence has been heavenly.

 He was supposed to be with us a month and a half.  I think we make it very comfortable.  Maybe too...but he was a sweet heart and left us a freezer full of meat (?) and a ginormous tv.  Bring it on Downton Abbey. And bring it on clean freezer.

We usually rent to interns. They're in town for a few months, full of energy and stories. If you know anyone, must love dogs ( and kittens) and bloggers and cooks and readers and flowers in the house.

GG is up so I think we'll haul the tree out the door and begin the begun. The light was so pretty this morning I had to take a few shots of the peaceful house.

Stay tuned, bedroom decorating project updates to come.  There's a new mattress on the way and I have heard some underground mumblings about a charcoal wall.

Enjoy every moment of your Sunday.  And goooooooo Redskins! Ravens!


  1. Love your Dusty Miller and Lilacs. But don't tell Shelley I complimented Dusty Miller; I'll deny it.

    Have a sweet Sunday.

  2. I too love the dusty miller and lilacs. And all the glimpses of your sweet house. Charcoal sounds very sophisticated. Dusty miller walls with lilac something (rug? picture?) would be lovely.

    NFC East aside I'm rooting for the Redskins--I love RGIII and Giants fans don't hate the 'skins like we do the Eagles and Cowboys. Plus my family was Redskin fans when I was young.

  3. I feel the peace and quiet. Lovely.

  4. Looks so peaceful with that gentle light! Have a great Sunday for me - I am stuck in a and e with my 16 yr d who has bust his collar bone stopping a goal!:( Bxx

  5. Your place looks so serene and peaceful. Ours is a chaotic mess. Maybe I could be the intern and live there. Have a peaceful week!

  6. Ah, it feels quiet and cozy over there. Enjoy your afternoon, Jane.

  7. Glad to hear you have your Sundays back...and your freezer. Your project list is as long as mine, oy! Go Colts!

  8. Dear Jane,

    A Happy New Year to you, your family, cats and dogs!! Hope you had a good time over Christmas. Good luck on your decorating!!

    Madelief x

    Love the flowers :-)

  9. dusty miller with the succulent 'green' is a perfect way to represent a post Christmas house clean out. My little donkey tree can stay a while. It's not overly festive and still looks nice by candlelight. Still cold here, but 50 s later in the week. I may take a little stroll!
    I love the charcoal plan.

  10. The room is gorgeous; love the floor, the heater, the window. And the little desk, so cute!


  11. I'd take your room in a heartbeat, but the commute would kill me! Just want to enjoy the flowers.

    Hope you're still enjoying the new you.

  12. A charcoal wall? Go for it!

    I'm thinking a mud-coloured wall for our hallway, but that's dog-related decor, and nothing to do with good taste.....

  13. I love our charcoal (actually black) walls...makes it so cozy. I even had all the trim painted black. Oh...and I love the dusty miller.