Thursday, December 27, 2012

Testing Testing

Hello, hello, Hope you all had happy holidays. I'm back, well rested and writing this on my NEW COMPUTER. 

Many thanks to GG. (That is an understatement if I have written one)

There was nothing I wanted/needed more but never even though of receiving.

Mine was old and battered, well loved to be sure but the number 1 barely functioning and many keys were loose and hanging by a thread no thanks to a big fat furry kitten ass.

We have had a lovely few days, two dinners with Mr. Baby and fam, a drinks party here with neighbors and today we're off to King George, Va to have lunch with a friend in her new house on the water.  Heaven.

I'm not so sure how to edit/post my pictures yet on this new baby, so I think I'll just begin and we'll see what we can see.

Ah, Mr. B. reading to his father.

The Babe, his pup and his damn cheerios.  I'm sure there are still a few around in various cracks and crevices if anyone is feeling peckish.

Hummus from Smitten Kitchen for drinks party.

How did we do? 

I am not used to such a new and slippery keyboard since my old one was covered with bits of food and fur.

I keep losing the post and finding myself on a page with the computer narrating how to use the photo option or another showing me the temperature in Sydney, which by the way appears to be 70 degrees. Nice.
I'm going to quietly sneak away here while everything is in place and the sun shines in Australia.

xo Jane


  1. OBoy! nothing as fun as a new computer for Christmas! (maybe kittens).
    I guess that little green hat wouldn't fit Mr. Baby afterall... he's getting big!

    Loving my lounging these last few days.. back to the grind for two days. You back at work?

    1. I'm off till the 2nd of January.Yippee!

  2. A NEW COMPUTER!!! And an adorable curly-headed baby! And a delicious looking hummus! What a Christmas!

    I was hoping for a new camera but all Santa brought me was a lousy (but practical) pair of winter boots. You must have been a better girl than me.

    Well, you know what I mean.

    1. you have to wander about singing the "Santa Baby" song for weeks ahead of the 25th in an appropriately sultry voice.

      If you have a voice like mine you will be bribed with anything you want just to stop singing. xo

    2. Dunno, Jane. that voice is pretty sultry!

  3. Seeing the word "peckish" made me smile today-my late hubby was an Aussie, and I don't get to hear some of those fun words bandied about anymore ( peckinsh, G'day mate, darl...)-especially since I've now taken up with a Cali-surfer-IT guy.

    Between that baby and the cats I don't know how you stand the cuteness overload. Enjoy your time off-school goes back the 7th here in OR :)

  4. Mr. Baby is scrumptious and such a good reader! I'm sure Gus and Lucy will root out missing Cheerios.
    Everything looks pretty and yummy. Have fun with the new computer!

  5. Had to laugh about the well loved computer--I've worn the letter markings off some of my keys. My laptop is only a couple years old.

    Adorable baby--children add so much to celebrating Christmas!

    The pup didn't find all the Cheerios for you? I thought dogs would inhale anything :)

    1. Oh yeah both dogs follow the baby around as if he is the pied piper.

  6. Your Christmas sounds lovely Jane! What a beautiful present you received.

    Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Creative 2013!

    Madelief x

  7. Kudos to GG! Great - and thoughtful - gift. Cant believe how much Mr. Baby has grown. Glad its been a happy holiday. xoxo

  8. The learning curve for a new computer is always a bit challenging. So much changes from year to year. (My laptop has almost no print on the 'e' and 's' keys.) My, my baby-doodle sure has grown!

  9. Mr. Baby has graduated to Mr. Toddler, me thinks. (Charles Dickens speak for the holidays) Congrats on your new toy, it's not the computer it's the operating system, they change it every chance they get just to keep us on our toes. Enjoy!

  10. Cheerios baby is adorable . . . Happy days with your new "computer friend!"

  11. I think you did great! Have fun playing with your new computer, quite a thoughtful gift! Well done GG x