Friday, October 5, 2012

Spa Time

How long do the effects of a lovely hour long massage last with a sore shoulder?

Certainly through the 2 minutes spent waiting for the bus, the 20 minute ride home and thru the initial happiness in greeting and being greeted by the Lab and the kittens.

Then we all tumble outside: much sniffing, leaping and chasing of bumblebees. sunshine, rainbows and babies, you get the picture; Disneyland, shoulder feeling good.

But then the neighborhood cat known as the big gray cat appears.  Nika chases her off, good dog.

We move en masse to the back yard where
the kittens climb a Leyland cypress.

And discover the neighbor's shed.

It was still fine when I thought they would come back home, immediately

But then there came the hurling of themselves off of roof.

Now the neighbor in the back alley is waving a stick trying to keep them on my side of the fence and Lucy has come back but is cornered by the big gray cat and Gus doesn't know how to return and is crying, crying and I'm on the phone with GG assuring her all is well, totally under control.

And the back?  Tighter, tighter, turn of the screw, ah, back to normal.

A one hour massage lasts one hour.

Good to know.

And this is not whining. Really, they are so cute, they are forgiven all sins instantly.


  1. Hope you will feel better soon Jane!

    Take care,

    Madelief x

  2. now you know for the next time...don't let any creatures outside when you return home! It might last 1 1/2 hours! :)

    When GG gets home, she's in take a bath and dream about how you felt good for that hour. xo

  3. What a shame. There's almost nothing as nice when you have time to luxuriate in it for a while. Glad the kids are ok, tho. xoxo

  4. Poor you, but I had to smile--felt like I was watching an old Disney cartoon.

  5. So sorry your massage was so short lived. Awww, but pride in watching your babies explore the world around them....okay maybe it is a long shot.....hope your back is better soon.

  6. Seems like it would be better if you had the massage on your lunch hour and went back to work: less stress!!!
    (but no fun)!

  7. Hope the shoulder get better soon Jane. Those kittens are growing so quickly.

  8. Nothing like a few toddlers in the house to undo what has been done so well in the span of an hour. But at least your sense of humor in intact! Hope you are feeling better Jane.

  9. Kittens are starting to look like cats...Next time, 2 hour massage.

  10. How does your cat get up there. It always amazes me how high cats can jump. I'm with Ameila 2 hour massage sounds much better.