Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In The Summertime

My friend Renee, whom I called Peaches (and still do when I think of, talk about her) is an engaging if inconsistent blogger.

She wrote a post about summer(s), then and now, and in particular one spent on Nantucket many moons ago.

How it helped her become the person she is now.

I was there too but what I remember becoming was a smoker, and a drinker, tequila to start, too many to count, still remember the aftermath.

I also remember Peaches and I sitting in the kitchen of the house we rented and between puffs of non filter cigarettes, Gauloises for her, Players for me, blowing out a dozen eggs so we could cover them with tiny feathers to hang on the Christmas tree.

 And quickly painting the living room raspberry because it would make a pretty backdrop for the tree.

And once we hitched a ride from NYC to Nantucket and ended up in a car with a singer from Sha Na Na who sang oldies with us right to the ferry.

I didn't know who he was then but I remember telling him what a great voice he had :-)

I just googled them and it turns out they played at Woodstock. OMG.

But wait, I did begin my cooking career on the island and when summer turned to December and Peaches decided to leave and venture off to California, I was good to go with a bag in one hand and a career, cooking, in the other.

Our flying into LA when we meant to go to San Francisco is a whole other post as is the story of our travels heading north from LA.

I may have always taken the long way around but life has never,ever, been dull.

xo Jane

Peaches,thanks for the memory jog  and joining me on parts of the journey.


  1. Hello Jane

    What a marvelous story of you and Peaches and your life full of adventure (forget Thelma and Louise I say) yours sounds infinitely more adventurous.
    Nantucket is a beautiful island and I have fond memories of spending some days there on two occasions. It must have been marvelous to live on the Island. I would love to hear more of your days here.


  2. Aren't memories of our oldest friends just the very best way to lift a day? Sounds like you have lots of Tales of Peaches to tell around the fire on cosy evenings.

    Question: is it too early for ranunculus? I searched this side of town yesterday and no florist had them for sale. One grudgingly told me that they had some ordered for a wedding and if they had leftovers they would sell them later in the week. Or, do "you guys" just horde them for yourselves? I am dying here!

    Sorry for the rant! xoxo

    1. No they are back in town and seem to be readily available.

      Tell your "guys to shake a leg.

    2. Thanks. I am going to do just that. I didn't want to demand them if I was too early. last year I waited until the end of the season and missed them. Don't want to make that mistake again this year.

  3. Crazy days, brought back a few of my own. Such vivid images! I am caught up in Nantucket winter raspberry walls green Christmas tree....

  4. That's a great story. You could turn that in a book for sure.

  5. Steve's right...a book for sure! I'll host a party of local bloggers after a book signing in the city. I may be getting ahead of myself, so I do hope you are writing right now!

  6. What a fun time...that's the way to do it. Where'd you get the tomatoes?

    1. Our neighbor Nelda. we have always depended on the kindness of friends.

  7. Blowing out eggs to cover them with feathers: blowing smoke and painting the walls raspberry - when we were immortal - so precious Jane.

  8. The long way around is always the best way. It's all about the journey, not the destination, don't you agree?